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Winter 2002


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GMI Ministry Partnerships

Get your hands on the Operation World CD-ROM

    The Operation World CD-ROM is the latest fruit of our longstanding partnership with Patrick Johnstone and the Operation World team. The CD includes a number of features that we hope will spur you on to prayer even more than the printed version will (see annotated graphic at right).

    Uncertain of the market for CDs, Paternoster Publishing did an initial run of 10,000 copies. In less than six weeks they sold out and had to do a second printing!

    To learn more or to order your copy, go to or use the order form in the enclosed Resource Catalog.

GMI Recommends

The Operation World web site ( offers a great set of prayer-stimulating resources based on the book, including:

Window on the World
The so-called "children's version" of Operation World, in full-color

100 Days
Around the world in 100 days of prayer with extracts from Operation World in a CD-sized book

The Church is Bigger Than You Think
The essential companion volume dealing with the theological background to Operation World

Desk Calendar
Highlights key prayer points for each day

Wall Map and Inflatable Globe

Maps and Graphics
On overhead transparency film, CD-ROM, and downloadable from the Web

Operation China CD-ROM
Daily prayer profiles of the unreached people groups of China

Un-Christian Computers

    Unfortunately, not even this CD can make your computer into a Christian. Some of you have suspected for some time that computer hardware and software are un-Christian if not diabolical.

    Recently our staff missiologist, Dr. Nussbaum, established beyond doubt that at least the spell checker of Microsoft Word is not Christian. He typed the word, "unevangelized" and it said, "No suggestions"- an un-Christian response if ever we have heard one.

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