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Winter 2002


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GMI Ministry Impact

The World is Coming to our door

Take a look at some GMI connections with WEF General Assembly delegates

    Mike O'Rear, Stan Nussbaum, board chairman Emery Sauve and Singapore associate Valerie Lim welcomed hundreds of evangelical leaders from around the world to the GMI booth at the World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF) General Assembly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in May. All 600+ conference delegates were given a copy of the new PeoplesFile CD-ROM and introduced to whichever GMI products and services were most relevant to their ministries.

    Top leaders of the Central Africa Missions Network (Cameroon), Himalayan Center for World Mission (Nepal), Korea Research Institute for Mission, and Association of Evangelicals of Africa (Ethics, Peace, and Justice Commission) asked for GMI software, data, and training to help them accomplish ministry mapping projects.

    Leaders of South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) asked us to explore ways we might collaborate in the training of tomorrow's Indian church leaders, including SAIACS hosting GMI seminars, GMI leading research classes, and providing GMI CD-ROMs for SAIACS students.

    Leaders of the national Christian fellowship of a majority-Muslim country requested GMI's feedback and counsel on the design of an extensive research project surveying evangelical churches throughout their nation.

    GMI was asked by WEF Associate Members-coming out of their day-long meeting in Kuala Lumpur-to set up an email and web forum to facilitate them staying in touch with each other in support of WEF ministry around the world.

    A missionary in Cambodia expressed interest in GMI's experimental concept of a "Calendar of God's Greatness" as a means of evangelism and discipleship in a Buddhist setting. We are planning a workshop to help develop a "festival-centered" expression of Christianity. This makes sense in cultures where other religions such as Buddhism have long revolved around festivals rather than books.

    A leader of the Jesus Film Project's English as a Foreign Language program ordered several hundred copies of Stan Nussbaum's booklet, The ABCs of American Culture. Her short-term English teachers are often asked to help their Chinese students understand America. The booklet equips them to do this and to naturally lead into discussion of their own life values.

    The CEO of a denomination and its Bible institute in Malawi wanted to discuss GMI's "Bible guides" concept designed to bridge the gap between pastoral training and effective preaching. The idea would involve a team writing project for each graduating class. The project will benefit lay pastors who never had the privilege of attending Bible school.

    Leaders of Literacy and Evangelism International discussed plans to produce a new edition of their basic Bible survey book. This tool is used worldwide in several languages as a literacy primer. The selection of the 35 stories in their survey may change at some point. Some of the material in GMI's "New Ways To Tell the Old Story" package may be relevant to the editorial decisions. Partnership on developing other materials is also a possibility.

GMI as a trellis-"Lifting you toward the Son"

This graphic and text were distributed in the delegate packets at the WEF General Assembly in Malaysia.

GMI is like a trellis in God's garden, a framework set in place by the gardener so certain plants can do what comes naturally to them, climbing up into the light and producing abundantly. We are not the plants-those are you, your church, your mission, your team. We are not the ground-that is your natural resource base of people, prayer and finances, wherever God has planted you. We are not the sun or the rain-those represent God himself, the source of life, growth and fruit. We are the trellis. Not all plants need a trellis, of course, but some plants thrive on a trellis. Is your church or mission the type of "plant" that might thrive in partnership with GMI?

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