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Winter 2002


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GMI News Briefs

International mission research news

    Ashish Alexander completed a booklet profiling the Jat Sikh people group in the Punjab of India as part of the "Listen First" program of cultural research through proverbs. The cultural profile is based on ten common Jat proverbs such as, "The land is a Jat's mother." For more information send email to

    The Nigerian Evangelical Missions Association is providing a variety of mission research resources, including a research seminar, an info centre, a web site (, the Operation World and PeoplesFile CD-ROMs, and mission map sets.

    A training director with Operation Mobilization (OM), has begun "coaching" OM staff through the "Breakthrough Training" (formerly

Applied Research Training) course developed by GMI's Stan Nussbaum. The first trainee, taking the course via email, researched issues in preparing Latin Americans to serve as missionaries in North Africa. His research report is in Spanish.

    A new center for mission research opened in September at Trinity Theological College, Singapore, under the direction of Dr. Hwa Yung. The center will offer graduate degrees in missiology, specializing in Asian issues. For more information, send email to

    Piquant has published the new 480-page Peoples on the Move: Introducing the Nomads of the World, which is a survey of the nomadic peoples of the world and a handbook of their lifestyles. For more information, send email to

    GMI has produced a CD-ROM version of Paul Hattaway's 700-page, full-color Operation China book. This daily prayer guide features profiles, photographs, and maps of Chinese unreached peoples (

    GMI's Singapore Associate, Valerie Lim, participated in the third Lausanne International Researchers' Conference, held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, September 4-8, 2001.

ICCM 2002
    The 12th annual International Conference on Computing and Mission is to be held May 31 - June 4 on the campus of Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, USA. For more information, go to

    GMI recently received major contributions to further international mission research and mapping. These included grants from First Fruit, Inc. and The Crowell Trust.

Operation China CD-ROM is the latest release from GMI's production team. Operation China, by Paul Hattaway, is a beautiful daily prayer guide focused on the unreached people groups of China.

Answers to quiz from page 4

1. B-Democratic Republic of Congo. This astonishing change is generally typical of sub-Saharan Africa in the 20th century, though not quite to this degree.

2. C-Mecca. Access to Islam's holiest city is restricted to Muslims.

3. Probably A, possibly B, which makes C an equally good answer. If Johnstone's estimates of size and growth rates are accurate, China will have more evangelicals than the US in mid-2002. But they may have more already, and defining an "evangelical" is not a precise science.

4. D-all three. Finland is the leader with one missionary for every 433 evangelicals. The ratio in New Zealand is 1/465; Korea 1/608; US 1/1503.

5. A-2/3. This may seem bad, but the reality is worse. If one were to ask, "What percent of the world's people live in a country with a GNP less than 10% of the USA?" the ratio would be much higher than 2/3 because the huge countries of China, India, and Indonesia all fall into this category.

6. A-Nigeria. The explosive growth of "African indigenous churches" has been common in Africa, especially Nigeria and South Africa. Many are tiny denominations but a few count their members by the millions.

7. C-the US east of the Mississippi. If Uttar Pradesh were a country instead of a state, it would be the sixth largest country in the world(167 million).

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