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Winter 2002


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Faces at GMI

The Operation World CD production team

Teamwork was the key to on-time completion of the Operation World CD-ROM and web site.  And what a team God provided!

Front-Kathy Lannon, Mike O'Rear, Bill Dickson, Loren Muehlius. Back-Valerie Lim, Karlyne Nordholm, Noni Ledford, Greg Rebuck, Steve O'Rear, John Sutton, Randy Johnson, Andrew Fry. Not pictured-A variety of assistance was given by others, including Larry Cook, Tony Caito, Lorri Nussbaum, Laura O'Rear, Stan Nussbaum, Sara Lim, Scott Lammers, Tim Young, Robert Fox, Marv Bowers, and Bill Morrison.

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