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Winter/Spring 2003


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From the President

Crowell Award presented to GMI

ALLOW SOME ROOM FOR GOD TO SURPRISE US. That's the message printed across the top of the huge spreadsheet we use to plan and manage all the GMI ministry projects for the year.

But we were caught completely unprepared for the surprise God had for us on a snowy evening in October. Laura and I had been invited to attend a dinner celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Henry Parsons Crowell and Susan Coleman Crowell Trust.

That afternoon the weather turned suddenly cold. The freezing rain quickly turned the roads into an ice skating rink. We drove, slipping and sliding along ever so slowly, arriving at the formal dinner nearly an hour late. We hesitated. Did proper etiquette require that we not go in because we were now so very late? Embarrassed, we entered the room anyway and were warmly greeted.

It was a wonderful time, celebrating the life of Henry Parsons Crowell and his generous support of Christian ministry around the world. Toward the end of dinner, Dr. Edwin Frizen, chairman of the Crowell Trustees, announced the creation of the Henry Parsons Crowell Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Extension of Evangelical Christianity, to be given "in recognition of the development of significant and innovative programs to enhance the effectiveness of missions, leadership training, and evangelism."

What came next left me speechless. Dr. Frizen said that Global Mapping International had been chosen as the first recipient of The Crowell Award. He asked me to come to the front of the room, where he presented the award along with a check for $50,000.

We will never forget that evening. What a delight, and what a joy for our entire staff and board as we shared the story the next day. Praise be to God for his gracious surprises.

GMI is the first recipient of the Crowell Award for excellence and innovation in the extension of evangelical Christianity.

Mike O'Rear serves GMI as president.

GMI Current Project

Research panels will let your voice be heard in world missions

ARE YOU INTERESTED in making your voice heard and having your opinions count?

Long noted for "helping the Church see," GMI is in the process of launching a new effort to help the Church hear through survey research. You can play a key role by joining one of several mission research panels.


Jim McGee, GMI's mission research specialist, says, "A panel is a group of people who agree to respond to surveys three or four times a year. GMI is creating a group of panels to enable mission leaders to listen better to key audiences-missionaries, church leaders in the developing world, church mission representatives, donors, and others who are interested in mission."

Survey research enables people to listen systematically to large groups of people, especially those whose voices are not easily or frequently heard.

Research panels will enable mission leaders to honor Christian brothers and sisters in other parts of the world and better understand what is happening there. Participants can share their opinions openly because respondent confidentiality is ensured.


The use of panels enables the costs and benefits of research to be shared among many organizations. In addition, Internet technology vastly reduces the cost of recruiting participants, entering data and delivering reports.

GMI is now developing the protocols for managing the panels. Soon we will be asking for you to log-in and sign up to participate. Keep an eye on the Global Mapping web site ( research/panels.htm) and future issues of GMI World for details.

It will be a great opportunity to have your opinions heard and considered by mission leaders around the world!

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