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Winter/Spring 2003


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Head, heart, hands - ACMC gets a checkup

THE CONFERENCE ROOM was filled with sandwiches, soft drinks, and opinions. The people attending this session of the national conference of Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment (ACMC) didn't come to hear a speaker or view a PowerPoint presentation. They came to provide feedback to help ACMC understand how it can better serve churches and mission agencies.

The session was one of three focus groups designed and moderated for ACMC by Jim McGee, GMI's mission research specialist. Jim recruited the participants, developed the discussion guide, moderated the groups, and created a written report of results.

The results? ACMC discovered what drew people to the event, what benefits they took away, what the logistical strengths and weaknesses were, how future conferences could be improved, and how price and location influenced decisions to attend or stay home.

"Very well organized and helpful," said ACMC President Jim Killgore of the results. "Your report will be of immense value."

GMI is assisting ACMC with plans to conduct a comprehensive survey of current, former, and prospective members. This research-based "physical exam" will help ACMC learn how to become even more effective in providing churches with missions information, inspiration, and networking or, as Killgore likes to say, "something for the head, the heart, and the hands."

Global Mapping's staff of experienced researchers looks forward to more opportunities to help the mission community listen effectively to its many audiences, allowing leaders to make better-informed decisions.

If your mission organization would benefit from an increased understanding of the factors that influence recruitment, donor acquisition, staff satisfaction, web site effectiveness, audience receptivity, or other issues, please drop Jim a line at

ACMC stands for Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment. GMI assists ACMC with a comprehensive survey to help increase effectiveness.

Faces at GMI

Mission Research Specialist joins GMI

GMI'S NEW STAFF addition is having a measurable effect on staff meetings. Have we ever tested that? Let's set up a way to monitor response to that promotion. Research I've done in the past tends to support that idea. Get the picture? Jim McGee always has his research hat on.

A professional market researcher, Jim designs new products and solves customer-satisfaction puzzles. His heart is in missions and he loves to assist the mission community through surveys, focus groups, and data analysis.

Jim and his wife, Peggy, have had several mission experiences, including a year-long stint in Russia with The CoMission.

Jim's current priority is to develop GMI Research Services and launch mission research panels. With degrees in marketing research (MS) and journalism (BA), Jim assists in plans to revise GMI's marketing and communication strategies.

He has conducted research for many organizations, including Federal Express, Clorox, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Boeing, Campus Crusade for Christ, International Bible Society, and Focus on the Family.

The McGees enjoy their new home in Colorado, where they are close to relatives. Their children include son Kelly (7) and daughters Lydia (3) and Audrey (1).

Meet Jim McGee, GMI's new addition who specializes in mission research.

GMI Recommends

Lausanne to host 2004 Forum for World Evangelization

THE LAUSANNE COMMITTEE for World Evangelization has announced the 2004 Forum for World Evangelization, to be held in Thailand, September 29 - October 5, 2004.

The Forum will "examine through an unprecedented global inquiry, the trends and needs in evangelism, and in response, develop specific action plans for Church leaders to use in addressing our most difficult local and global evangelism issues." Rather than focus primarily on networking, this gathering is designed to address 24 key issues, which will stimulate the Church to action.

GMI's president, Mike O'Rear, serves on the Communications Working Group for the 2004 Forum.

For more information, or to nominate a Forum participant, see their website:

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