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Winter/Spring 2003


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"Breakthrough" workshop for masters students

EIGHT STUDENTS DOING the Masters in Mission course at All Nations Christian College (England) participated in a "Breakthrough Training" workshop on January 8-10 under the direction of GMI's missiologist, Stan Nussbaum.

The workshop was an adapted version of the email course Dr. Nussbaum has developed for mission workers and leaders. It was requested by All Nations as part of an institutional effort to steer more of their masters students toward field research rather than only library research for their theses.

The eight participants represented five countries. All had several years of mission experience. During the workshop each one designed a field research project focused on a major concern arising in his or her ministry.

  • A man from Burundi focused on his church's reluctance to speak out about the tribalism and genocide tearing his country apart.
  • A woman from Scotland planned to explore the day-to-day effects of folk Islamic superstitions on North African women in London.
  • The head of a British mission in Spain zeroed in on her agency's difficulty in helping missionaries deal with sexuality issues.

GMI is delighted to help institutions and individuals wanting to research such crucial, practical topics. For further information on the course, see breakthrough.htm.

All Nations Christian College is one of the world's premier missions training institutions. They are using Stan Nussbaum's "Breakthrough Training" to motivate and equip their students for field research.

GMI's 2002 Annual Report available

Want a concise understanding of GMI's ministry? One of the best ways is to review our four-page annual report.

The new report, currently in production, summarizes what the Lord has done in and through the ministry during 2002.

To receive a copy, simply contact GMI or view it on the Web at

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