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Summer/Fall 2003


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From the President

GMI Board focuses on impact

THE GLOBAL MAPPING International (GMI) Board of Directors has long been committed to holding GMI accountable in all aspects of the ministry.

Following a "policy governance" approach for the past decade, the Board has articulated written policies and rigorously monitors compliance with those policies. These include "Ends" (what difference we must make in whose life) and "Executive Limitations" (what GMI must not do).

For years, the Board Audit Committee has been tasked with examining GMI's compliance with legal and financial policies. The external auditors annually review our accounting practices and policies. Quarterly financial statements have kept the Board informed.

Each year the Board establishes goals for the coming year with accompanying budget, and receives a detailed report of our performance toward last year's goals.

But at their 2003 spring meeting, the Board devoted two days to developing an extensive framework to evaluate GMI's field impact rather than our activities. They want to know, on an on-going basis, what difference are we really making in the world.

For each ministry project, we now specify how we intend it to impact each of our key result areas (ends). Then, through a series of grids, we monitor who is impacted in what ways by each project.

Why does the Board monitor results? It's an essential part of their stewardship responsibility, to ensure that GMI best fulfills the mission God has for us.

So, don't be surprised if we ask you someday soon, "What difference has GMI made in your life and ministry?" What you say helps us minister better.

-by Mike O'Rear.

Mike O'Rear serves GMI as president.

GMI Current Project

New-a companion to the world's most widely-used mission textbook

DAVID BOSCH'S Transforming Mission, all 519 pages of it, has now been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and a dozen or so other languages. It is being used across a whole spectrum of denominations worldwide.

It provides a biblical and historical framework for dealing with the main mission issue of our time-transitioning to a new paradigm of mission that moves beyond the Enlightenment-based paradigm that dominated mission in the past two centuries.

In his book, Bosch suggests what some of the components of the new paradigm will be, though he does not say exactly how they will all come together.

GMI is partnering with the publisher, Orbis Books, to make Bosch's insights available to an even wider audience, especially those who speak English as a second language or who do not have the theological background necessary to handle the book in its current form in any language.

GMI staff missiologist, Stan Nussbaum, who did his doctorate under Bosch's personal supervision, is preparing a 90-page introduction or companion to the book. The draft is being field tested this fall in India, Italy, Norway, Uganda, the Philippines, Canada, and the USA. GMI also plans to produce a CD- ROM containing Bosch's entire text, Nussbaum's companion (with hundreds of hyperlinks to Bosch), and two other volumes of related essays and readings.

Responses from mission professors have been overwhelmingly positive when they learn of this work in progress. The combination of electronic access and the simplified companion volume should make their job much easier. Project completion is expected in mid-2004. For more information, see

GMI's new companion book and CD-ROM will help increase use and application of what has become a missions classic- David Bosch's Transforming Mission.

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