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Summer/Fall 2003


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GMI Ministry Impact

Next generation mapping now available

AFTER NEARLY TWO YEARS of intense work, the Global Mapping International team has completed development of the next generation of computer mapping tools for missions.

Version 3.0 of the Global Ministry Mapping System (GMMS) is now fully compatible with ArcView, the world's most popular and innovative desktop mapping system, and comes with extensive new and updated collections of mission data and digital maps. Consider joining the GMMS community and reaping the benefits of encouragement from likeminded people who care about mission.

One user commented, with perhaps only slight exaggeration, "This new mapping system is 100 times easier to use than the previous version." More information is available at

Faces at GMI

Teacher assists GMI short term

YOU'VE HEARD IT SAID, "The three best reasons for being a teacher are June, July, and August!" For middle school math and science teacher, Dan Bauer, summers mean combining his teaching gifts with his GIS (computer mapping) expertise and his passion for global missions.

Dan dedicates most of his summer to working with GMI, developing mapping curriculum, and training others (this year in Korea) in the effective use of the Global Ministry Mapping System.

What a difference he made this year! With the completion of our next generation mapping package, we had a great need for all new training curriculum. Missions leaders around the world were anxious to learn the new system.

Dan commented, "Working with GMI during my time away from the classroom is a great way to be serving in missions and utilizing my expertise, without leaving my professional field."

Dan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Land Use, with additional formal education in GIS, cartography, and education. He has held GIS/ digital cartography and other mapping related positions with several professional firms.

Meet Dan Bauer, who works with GMI during his summer breaks.

GMI Recommends

Good reading for greater involvement


Mission leaders in many countries desperately need to hear each other's points of view, not just the American views that tend to dominate evangelical mission publications.

World Evangelical Alliance's new mission journal, Connections, meets this need superbly with short, practical articles, reports, and reviews by writers from many nations. The diverse work of the WEA Missions Commission is highlighted and broader mission issues are also addressed. Available at


CMDNet Weekly Upd@te is a great little e-newsletter from the Centre for Mission Direction, New Zealand. It shares information, news, and resources with those interested in cross-cultural Christian mission. Subscription to this weekly newsletter is free. To join the other 1200 subscribers, send an email to: e-cmdnet- Current and previous issues can be read at:


Far East Broadcasting International, in consultation with World By Radio, has developed the Radio Data Manager, an online database of all Christian broadcasts outside North America.

To try it out, log on to; click "Connect," then enter "enq" as the user name and "guest" as the password. It is also available via Remote Desktop Connection (Windows XP) and CD-ROM. For more information, email Frank Gray specifying "GMMS-RDM Enquiry" as the subject line. Also see the searchable radio database at

Connections is the new mission journal from World Evangelical Alliance.

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