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Summer/Fall 2003


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GMI Ministry Connections

Partners host mapping training

CHRISTIAN MINISTRY LEADERS around the world are expressing great interest in the next generation Global Ministry Mapping System (GMMS), just released by Global Mapping International.

Our vision is to build their computer mapping capacity.

Realizing the GMMS will only become an effective tool as users understand how to use it and develop the skills to apply it to their specific needs, GMI has created a robust training curriculum aimed at explaining the virtues of mapping for missions and providing the new user with both conceptual and technical training.

This summer, we led an intense mapping workshop for participants from four continents, including GMI Associates and ministry leaders with World By Radio, Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association, and DAWN. They were invited because of their experience and commitment to train others how to utilize this new technology for mission.

A growing group of people, willing and able to train and support others in doing digital mapping, is a big step in the right direction. The GMMS community is designed to support and encourage all involved.

Do you know someone who would benefit from a community of like-minded people who sense the value of mapping for their ministry? Training workshops are being planned by our partners in the Middle East, India, Southern Africa, and Eastern Europe. If you are interested in mapping training, please let us know by emailing .

GMI's Tony Caito and Dan Bauer (front row, center) provided mapping training in Seoul for Korean mission leaders at a July workshop hosted by Korea Research Institute for Mission.

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