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Spring 2004

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GMI Ministry Impact

Christian mission—increasingly multinational

Earlier this year, a dozen church and mission leaders from North Africa met for a week at a seminary in Cairo to learn how to use computer mapping to analyze, plan, track, and communicate the work of their ministry teams.

Leading the workshop were GMI Associates from Singapore and North India who, through Arabic translators, taught the participants to use the new Global Ministry Mapping System, a powerful software and data system built to run on ArcView, the world’s most popular mapping package.

Examples of mission partnership such as this are becoming commonplace: Christian leaders in North Africa, being trained by a woman from Singapore and a man from India, using technology developed in the US—all working together for the glory of God.

God is raising up devoted missionaries from all over the world, supporting one another with the best new technological tools. If you are interested in partnering with others to hold a mapping workshop in your area, please contact Global Mapping International at .

Faces at GMI

Geography major puts her skills to good use at GMI

Born and raised in the “Gateway to the West,” St. Louis, Missouri, Heather Steen gradually made her way westward. She graduated from the University of Kansas at Lawrence with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography in May 2002, and a year later continued her trek west to Colorado Springs to join Global Mapping International.

Upon her arrival, Heather began a two-year position as a mapping apprentice. Her contributions here are as much about learning as they are about teaching. She has invested heavily in learning her way around the new Global Ministry Mapping System (GMMS) software and exploring new avenues in missions mapping. She also serves as coordinator for the Web-based GMMS Community and recently helped lead a mapping training seminar for new GMMS users.

GMI Cartographer Heather Steen charts her own course.

In addition to her ministry with GMI, Heather spends much of her time ministering to the youth at her church. Recently engaged to Eric Lind of Colorado Springs, Heather spends her free time planning for their wedding in late July; you can often spot the lovely couple hanging out at a local coffee house.

Heather couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else right now than what she’s doing: making maps to glorify God. The Apprentice program is available to others with an interest in research and information technology for ministry. Contact for more information or check out the website at

GMI Recommends...the 1% Club

Calling all technologists, and those chosen few others who understand them without being one of them! The 1% Club is a special opportunity to get involved with Global Mapping International through your gifts, your advice and your expertise.


We invite you to join the circle of people who, in a variety of ways, support our technical staff team. The team members constantly struggle with raising their support from individuals and congregations who don’t understand what technologists do and how important it is. Since you do, we invite you to consider supporting their critical contribution to missions by donating 1% of your annual income to a salary pool which helps keep GMI technologists at their posts.

As a 1% Club member, you may also wish to get personally involved by advising GMI on a project, working on a project from home, or even coming to our office for a week or two to assist during crunch time. See details at

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