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Spring 2004

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GMI Ministry Connections

GMI staff members named to key partnership positions

GMI partners with a growing spectrum of mission agencies and networks worldwide. Two of these partnerships, the American Society of Missiology (ASM) and the Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies (EFMA), have recently placed GMI staff members into key roles within their networks.

Stan Nussbaum has been appointed to a three-year term as Chairman of the Board of Publications of ASM. Jim McGee has been named Senior Associate for Research by EFMA, a renewable one-year appointment.

Stan Nussbaum (left)) serves as ASM Chairman of the Board of Publications.

Jim McGee (right) was recently appointed Senor Associate for Research with EFMA.

ASM publications include the journal, Missiology, the ASM Series of leading books in the field of missiology by evangelical, ecumenical, and Roman Catholic scholars, the ASM Dissertation Series, and the ASM Bibliography Project. ASM has not entered the field of electronic publication yet; Stan and GMI may have a contribution to make there.

EFMA appoints “Senior Associates” (Jim is the seventh) to serve its member agencies in specialized areas such as member care, finance, and research. Jim is available to do a free review of any research survey an EFMA member agency is preparing. He also conducts online research among EFMA agencies and reports his findings to them via an electronic newsletter and workshops at EFMA conferences.

By these and other methods he encourages EFMA members to value research, capitalize on what is already available, and tailor-make surveys for their own situations.

If you are interested in obtaining additional research services for your network, please contact GMI at to learn more about the possibilities for connection in ministry.

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