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Dave and Clara Nesmith

Mission Information Directory Service Relocates to Portland, Oregon

For the past seven years, GMI's David Nesmith has provided a "virtual librarian" service to the evangelical missions community. The Missions Information Directory Service (MIDS) points inquirers to sources of information needed for ministry purposes. Inquiries come from mission executives, missionaries, pastors, missions committees, and faithful people who desire to pray more effectively. Dave always seeks to bring people closer to the answers they need.

Though he never really looked forward to retirement in the traditional sense, Dave recently began planning with GMI leadership for an eventual slow-down. To compensate, however, Dave recruited his wife, Clara, to assist him; now they work closely together in the MIDS ministry.

In planning ahead, Dave and Clara had a desire to be closer to their family. So, they recently moved to the Portland, Oregon area, setting up the MIDS office in their home. To facilitate this relocation GMI entered into a ministry partnership with the Foreign Mission Foundation; Dave and Clara are now officially FMF staff members assigned to the MIDS ministry.

Plans for the future focus on making more mission research information available on the Web. Of course, Dave and Clara will always be anxious to answer your specific questions. Why not give MIDS a try in your search for that critical piece of mission information?

Mission Information Directory Service
P.O. Box 2109
Hillsboro, OR 97123-1920 USA
Telephone/Fax: 503-693-9473
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