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Atlas of Global Christianity

The Atlas of Global Christianity, edited by Todd M. Johnson and Kenneth R. Ross, provides a quick visual reference of the changing status of global Christianity over the 100 years since the epoch-making 'Edinburgh 1910' World Missionary Conference. The Atlas includes full-color maps of Christian affliation in every United Nations region in the world, historical essays on Christianity 1910-2010 by scholars from each region of the world, and interactive electronic interface on DVD of all maps and graphics for classroom use. The Atlas is published by Edinburgh University Press and contains 400 color illustrations. Read more about The Atlas at:



Worth Keeping

WEA Mission Commission's Worth KeepingThe WEA Mission Commission has released a new book in the Globalization of Mission series: Worth Keeping: Global Perspectives on Best Practice in Missionary Retention, written and edited in part by Valerie Lim, our GMI Senior Associate for mission research in South East Asia.

Worth Keeping is the product of robust research and careful analysis conducted by the Mission Commission task force called ReMAP II. Some 50 writers and contributors bring to life the significant results of the ReMAP II international study on missionary retention and best practices. How can we insure that mission workers continue to serve effectively over the long term, and how can they be enabled to serve for as long as God calls them to serve? Twenty nine issue-based chapters (with 58 case studies from around the world) form the core of the book, and these examine areas such as call, preparation, leadership, finance, ministry and training.

To read what others are saying and to order, please visit

Fifth International Lausanne Researchers Conference

Lausanne is holding The Fifth International Lausanne Researchers Conference April 8-12, 2008 near Melbourne, Australia. They are inviting researchers from mission agencies, research organizations, denominational research departments and other interested Christians to network, present papers, share ideas and sharpen skills and insight. Read more about the conference in this brochure (PDF file) and at the Christian Research Association web page: Register for the conference here:


Ethné challenges Christians to watchfulness in prayer and partnership with God to reach the unreached peoples of the world with the good news of Christ. To energize and accelerate movments to Christ among the unreached, Ethné publishes prayer resources in 17 languages including prayer DVDs and a prayer handbook. They also invite the body of Christ to help bring relief and hope to unreached people groups via the Frontier Crisis Response network. Ethné is the official UPG network of the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission and Transform World. Learn more at


Emercy logoEmercy’s mission is to help missionaries increase their effectiveness, while equipping the churches that send them. They specialize in training, research, logistical support, consulting, short term teams, supply shipments and training seminars ( An additional website, the Missionary Resources Center provides useful articles, links, books, videos and discussions for a wide variety of missions resources (



Missiopedia, hosted by Momentum Magazine and The Network for Strategic Missions, is a wiki-style online encyclopedia providing a web-based, dynamic, collaborative description of Christianity and Christian missions. Join the growing number of contributors and editors at

The Mission Handbook

Mission Handbook imageThe Mission Handbook provides leaders in the missions community with valuable information about North American mission agencies. The 20th edition of the Handbook provides more than 600 pages of information on ministries serving overseas including: contact information, types of mission activity, areas of service and personnel statistics. The cost of the Handbook is $49.95. Learn more and order at



Mission and Ministry Resources

Mission and Ministry Resources is the website for Dr. Glenn Roger's books on minstry and sprititual formation from a missiological perspective. Books range from basic introductions to missions to culture and worldview issues. Dr. Rogers was a missionary in Nigeria and has an M.A. and Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from the School of Intercultural Studies of Fuller Theological Seminary. Check out his website at

State of the Gospel Report

MomentumMomentum Magazine is offering a "State of the Gospel" Power Point presentation, with extended notes for each slide, for use in your ministry. You can see the PDF version of the presentation at Downloads of the actual Power Point presentation (11 MB) can be found at Look for more resources and a variety of missions articles at


HumaniNetHumaniNet Offers Communications Assistance

HumaniNet is a nonprofit organization supporting humanitarian and mission teams with practical assistance in global information and communication technologies, or ICT. The HumaniNet team has assisted over 300 missionaries, relief teams, and NGO managers since its founding in 2002.

A list of organizations HumaniNet has advised can be seen by going to and selecting "Field Partners." Articles on a variety of topics can be found in the ICT Support and ICT Features sections of the HumaniNet Web site. All mission and humanitarian organizations are welcome to contact HumaniNet for assistance, at no cost.  Please email us at or call Gregg Swanson, Executive Director, at 503-957-2960.


Etnopedia is a Spanish-language web site focusing on the unreached ethnic groups of the world. The site was created by COMIBAM, in cooperation with numerous other evangelical agencies for the purposes of gathering and disseminating information about these unreached groups. COMIBAM hopes this site will generate prayer and encourage mission from the Spanish-speaking world to these peoples who do not know Christ.


MAF's Operation ACCESS!MAF Operation Access Logo

Mission Aviation Fellowship has announced the results of “Operation ACCESS!”—a five-year global research project designed to help shape international evangelism, ministry and humanitarian strategies for the next 20 years. The study focuses on pockets of people who are forgotten or unreachable as well as barriers to and solutions for better access to the Gospel, development, healthcare and education. For more information, visit

2006 Global Status of Evangelical
Christianity Map

Campus Crusade for Christ has released a new map entitled “2006 Global Status of Evangelical Christianity.” The map “...provides a global snapshot of the status of evangelical Christianity based upon the latest research from the mission field.” With over 100,000 localities, the map shows “...the progress of both Bible and Jesus Film translation, and the openness or response to the Gospel message from a variety of mission perspectives.” You may order this map from the Campus Crusade Web site at

The World of Islam CD - Version 2.0World of Islam CD-ROM - Version 2.0

The World of Islam - Version 2.0 contains 39 complete books and numerous articles on Islam and Christian witness to Muslims by scholars and practitioners, worth more than $800 if purchased separately.

Version 2.0 now includes an extensive new course, Hughes’ classic 750-page Dictionary of Islam, and fourteen new articles on current issues including contextualization strategies and the roots of fundamentalism and militancy in Islam. Ten newly updated maps and much more. . . over 12,000 pages of resources!

Learn more and purchase your own copy of The World of Islam CD-ROM - Version 2.0

The Evangelical Training Database

Evangelical Training DatabaseThis searchable online database seeks to give information on all evangelical pastoral, theological and missionary training courses world-wide to help people find the training they need to serve the Lord. Initially available in English and Spanish, it comes with the technology to make it accessible in all major languages. It presents a free opportunity to evangelical institutions to make their courses more widely known.