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H.E.A.D.S. U.P. An experiment in mission mobilization, exploring the idea of local mutual support groups of "mission addicts" who feel called to do more than "pray and give" but can't "go" full-time at the present.

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The experimental question

What can be done to encourage the huge pool of people who feel called, wired, and/or gifted by God for cross-cultural mission involvement but cannot find their niche because they want to do more than an occasional mission trip but less than full-time missionary service? 


The experimental activity

Form small, temporary support groups in which these people can share their stories, pray together, and move toward Level 6 mission involvement.  The pilot group is an inter-congregational group in Morton, Illinois, that has typically had 6-8 people involved in monthly meetings off and on over the last two years. 

The need and the HEADS UP acronym
Group aims and methods
How you can get involved
What we are learning
What we are still wondering
How this relates to making disciples


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