Mission Information Seekers Discover how research is transforming global missions.

Who is this page for?

Anyone who needs information about international Christian mission, including students, professors, pastors, missionaries, reseachers, writers, speakers and prayer leaders.

What pages do you recommend? 

  • Operation World 2010 - the new Operation World CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and prayer map
  • CD-ROMs - learn about the mission research CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs we offer
  • Products - learn about all our mission research resources
  • Mission InfoBank - a collaborative website that offers a wealth of mission information (most of which is free)
  • Discover - links to useful resources for missions, mapping, research and information technology
  • MisLinks -links to mission information sites

Anything else I should know?

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Us. We'll gladly share other information sources if we can.