Lifting the Heaviness GMI Connection - Issue 11: Article 2

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Issue 11 - June/July 2013

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Article 11-2Lifting the Heaviness

The heat lay heavy in the air as we walked into the hotel. But just inside the conference room the heaviness lifted as the AC blew at a steady pace. Aside from the climate, there is a spiritual heaviness in places like India where many know little about God’s love. But in that small meeting room it was more than the air conditioning that was lifting the heaviness. It was talking about the research and mapping that clearly shows God is on the move in India.


GMI recently returned from several weeks in India where the team visited with partners, participated in conferences and held two GMI User Conferences in the cities of New Delhi and Hyderabad. The two events gave the GMI team a chance to connect with around 50 researchers and mappers who were considering using GMI’s resources or were already using the mapping tools.


The events were also strategic to the Church in India because GMI hosted the global launch of the latest version, 10.1, of the GMMS (Global Ministry Mapping Software) in India at the User Conference events.


The focus of GMI’s work in India is to support the decision-making efforts of the Church in this vast country. We do this through the mapping tools and services, the Breakthrough! research curriculum and through ongoing consultation with Indian leaders who are seeking to use the best possible information to make decisions.


This year GMI is launching a new research project that will be very influential in our ongoing work in India. The Indian Decision Research Project will focus on interviewing approximately 60 Indian ministry workers from all over the nation. The goal will be to seek better understanding about how our brothers and sisters in India make Spirit-led decisions. The result is meant to be a gift to the Indian Church as they better understand the dynamics of decision-making in their context and supply greatly needed understanding for GMI and other global organizations striving to partner with the Church in India.


In the fall of 2013 GMI will be holding a Ministry Decision Symposium in India to engage our partners and leaders in the Indian Church with some of the findings. Following that input, GMI will be releasing the full results of the study in a resource called the Indian Decision Profile.


Our prayer is that GMI’s latest efforts will lift some of the heaviness that is often felt when making hard decisions. As we better understand how leaders seek guidance and make decisions, we can better respond in love and support.

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