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Understanding the Eras in Mission

Each era of missional activity has had strengths and weaknesses. We can learn from each and then it is our job to step into our own time with courage and conviction to be on mission with our Heavenly Father. Explore the different eras in missions and what they mean for you today.

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Indigenous Rights Vs. Rip-Off Profits

We know that God created every person and desires to see them valued as His children. But many indigenous peoples have not experienced this affirmation. They are marginalized and pushed aside in order for others to benefit. Consider your response to this injustice.

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Who is My New Neighbor?

Who are the new neighbors moving into your city or neighborhood? Do you know the countries where they are from and the journey they have been on? Each of us have the opportunity to be good neighbors to those among us.

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The Olympic Dream and the Human Race

The Olympics are full of powerful symbolism that describes the Human Race and all its grand hopes and deep flaws. As you watch the Olympics unfold, consider what they say about our world and our efforts to bring God’s message of hope.

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Why Should the Free Care?

If you are living today free from persecution, why should you care about this issue? For starters we are asked to remember those suffering from persecution. Secondly, persecution is more complex that you might imagine. Understand four key lenses on persecution and consider how God wants you to respond.

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African Proverbs Build Bridges

Local truths can be powerful tools for sharing the Gospel. Explore how God’s wisdom is embedded in the local truths of the world’s people. Then consider how you can share Christ more powerfully and train local believers more effectively by harnessing these wise sayings.

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A Rich Garden: Non-Clergy Leadership in Africa

Leadership in the Global Church is changing as more people engage in leadership as part of the Body of Christ. Many are pastors, but not all. Take a moment to explore some of the characteristics of non-clergy leadership in Africa.

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Singapore: Unique Qualities for Great Commission Impact

Few places have the innovation and diversity of Singapore. But how has that translated into mission opportunity? Learn more about Singapore, how it is positioned to engage in mission and the status of its mission movement.

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Culture’s Color, God’s Light

We are all aware of the differences between the many cultures of the world. But recently a significant amount of attention has been placed upon broad cultural segments based on differing expressions of people’s essential problem/solution: guilt/innocence, shame/honor or fear/power. Explore this lens by which you can see culture.

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Our Anchor in a World Adrift: 7 Stats You Need to Know to Serve the King

These are turbulent times and it is hard to stay firmly grounded with the constant waves of change. These 7 Stats will paint a picture of the world today and help you thrive in ministry to those seeking a firm foundation. Explore the 2016 edition of our “7 Stats You Need to Know to Serve the King” Missiographic.

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Ambassadors: Crossing Cultural Distance 

What is the cultural distance between two countries? Usually we think more about the
physical mileage, but the cultural mileage can be just as significant a barrier
to overcome. Explore this concept and learn how to engage across the miles.

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