3 Revolutions Impacting Internet Evangelism

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3 Revolutions Impacting Internet Evangelism

Internet Evangelism Infographic
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You can't go anywhere without being impacted by mobile technology, social media platforms and video content. These three revolutions are changing culture, business and lifestyle dramatically. They also hold amazing opportunities to reach people with the Gospel.


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Personal Reflection
These three tech revolutions are ubiquitous in many of our lives. So much so, that we take them for granted and cease to think intentionally about them. But each of us interacts with mobile technology, social media platforms and video content daily. So the question is this, "How are you seeking to use these three revolutions to share your faith, show mercy and build up the Body of Christ?" If you aren't, then what is an example of a small thing you could do today to represent Christ via technology?

Engaging the Church
Think about how your church uses technology. Is the focus on those inside the Church or are there also technology initiatives that reach out to the community? Do you know who the Webmaster for your church is or who runs your church's Facebook page? Find out and ask them about their vision to use technology for evangelism and outreach. If they don't have a plan, help them pull together a team to come up with some creative ways to engage with these and other tech revolutions.

Organizational Application
Every ministry organization is either well along in their strategies in these three areas or planning how they will engage. Where is your organization in that process? How are you, from your position, supporting the use of these tools in evangelism? Remember, that because these revolutions are often invisible within the daily activity of an organization, you have to be intentional in celebrating what God is doing through these tools. It is also an amazing opportunity to empower and elevate younger staff members who are native to these exciting tools. Good information is key for any individual or ministry. For more insights look at missiographics.com.

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