30 Years of Connections – Mapping and Missions

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Images capture our imagination. GMI began 30 years ago because of this realization. When GMI started its work, there was limited data about the task of global evangelization and even more limited options on how to visualize that important information. GMI helped champion the growth of mission research and mapping along with many partners and co-laborers in the Global Church. Our passion has always been to see the data and resources bring clarity and inspire action.


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Personal Reflection
Look at each of the maps in the Missiographic and take a moment to remember how these ideas or maps were instrumental in your own thinking. How have the concepts of People Groups, Heart Languages, the 10/40 Window, the Growth of Islam and the Growth of the Church in the Global South framed your decisions about how you will join God on mission?

Engaging the Church
Over the years, have you used maps like the ones highlighted in this infographic in your church? How have these maps guided decision making in your mission efforts? If you showed these maps to people in your church, would they understand these key ideas? If so, how can you continue to build their understanding of what God is doing around the world? If not, how can you introduce these mission concepts to people in your church?

Organizational Application
The five maps in this infographic have driven so much of the thinking around mission, but are they simply part of the furniture in your office? It is easy to have a map in a brochure or on your wall, but are you really using it for decision making? How are the ideas in these maps guiding your strategic planning and vision casting? If they are, then what is the next step in bringing these basic mission ideas to life in your organization? If they are not, how can you educate your organization about the importance of these ideas in the understanding of what God is doing in the world?

Good information is key for any individual or ministry. For more insights look at missiographics.com.

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