A Visual Note of Thanks from the Missiographics Team

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A Visual Note of Thanks from the Missiographics Team

Dear Missiographics Community,


Our team at GMI is so blessed to be able to serve and support your decision making through the Missiographics Service. The idea came out of research we did with those we serve and then the response as we have launched has been incredible.


We are seeing you process ideas, share insights and engage people with what is going on in global mission. What a privilege!


And so as we come to the end of the year, we wanted to thank each of you for joining this amazing community. But we had to do something visual, so please accept our thanks and be ready for a new year of exciting visual discovery!

Year End Thank You
We highly recommend www.tagxedo.com as a wonderful tool to create free word clouds. Check it out!

And as we finish up the year, I would ask one favor of you. Would you take a moment to join Missiographics on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest; and would you invite a few friends to do the same. This will allow us to share the infographics much more widely in the New Year.


Merry Christmas and Thank You!

The Missiographics/GMI Team