Agency Web Review Infographic

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Agency Web Review Infographic

Agency Web Review Infographic
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Do you Know Who is Visiting Your Site?So many times we do not truly understand the needs and motivations of those we are trying to serve. This is even truer when it comes to online communications. If more people are going to get plugged into God's mission, agencies have to understand what is driving their interest and the seekers need to be more aware of what their priorities are. This infographic seeks to give insight to both groups.


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Personal Reflection
As you look at the five profiles of mission seekers (Scouts, Faith Matchers, Strategists, Tourists and Enthusiasts), do you have a sense for your personal profile? What are you looking for when you go to the Website looking for ministry opportunities?

Engaging the Church
Think about those in your church or in churches that you work with. How are they supporting these five groups of mission opportunity seekers? What could a church do, for example, to help a Faith Matcher think through the impacts of a statement of faith on every day mission activity? Or how are you engaging the Tourists in your church and helping them experience mission and then take the next steps?

Organizational Application
If you work at a mission agency and are involved in personnel or communications, what do these five profiles tell you about your audience? How is your Website catering to these groups and helping them to better understand what your ministry can offer as they consider what God is calling them to do? Do you need to consider different entry points or site features for the various groups of mission seekers?

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