Brazil: An Emerging Force in Global Mission

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The world is talking about Brazil. Whether it is their economic growth, the socio-economic challenges they are facing or their hosting of events like the World Cup and the Summer Olympics, the world is taking notice of this amazing country. At the same time, the global Church is taking notice of the Brazilian Church. The Church in Brazil is growing and on the move. Take some time to explore the Brazilian Church's engagement in ministry with Diaspora, Indigenous Communities and Cross-cultural Missions.



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Personal Reflection
Just like every person has their part to play in the Kingdom of God, each country has unique contributions they make to God's mission. As you read more about Brazil's contribution, consider your own role in mission. Isn't it amazing how God has designed us for specific purposes and ministry opportunities? Now, give thanks to God for the role Brazil is playing in global mission and ask God how He might want you to support the Brazilian Church in their efforts.

Engaging the Church
How does your church do at listening to the passions of partner churches for mission? If you are partnering with a church in Brazil, are you aware of how they see their role in outreach and mission? Has your church discussed mission strategy and outreach with your Brazilian partners as co-laborers for the Kingdom? If you are a Brazilian church, have you shared with other churches in your area or your global partners about how God is guiding and directing you on mission? Every church in every nation has a role to play and a calling to pursue. How will your church support the calling of others?

Organizational Application
There has been so much talk about mission sending from emerging countries like Brazil. This is not breaking news. But the question remains, "How are ministry organizations in Brazil and around the world co-laboring together?" If you are a Brazilian mission organization, how are you interacting with the broader mission movement? Are you making relationships and connections that allow others to see your unique contribution? If you are a mission organization from another country, how are you connecting with your Brazilian counterparts? Do you understand their passion and their skill sets? What if your next ministry initiative included a partnership with a Brazilian ministry?

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