Glimmers of Light on International Women's Day

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Glimmers of Light on International Women's Day

International Women's Day Missiographic
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Women around the world are facing significant challenges. International Women's Day gives the world the chance to focus on women's issues and challenges. The good news is that there are amazing glimmers of hope and restoration going on around the globe. While we raise awareness for women's issues this week, let us celebrate how God is bringing women to Himself and using women as catalysts to advance His Kingdom.


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Personal Reflection
How are women viewed in your culture as you read this today? You may be living in a place where women have broad rights and opportunities or you might be living in a place where women face some significant challenges. How will you respond? What can you do to identify women in your sphere of influence who are struggling and bring them hope and opportunity? How can you mobilize both men and women in your sphere of influence to take up the cause of women around the world and get involved? Use International Women's Day on March 8th as a catalyst for your outreach to women.

Engaging the Church
The role of women in the Church has always been a challenging one for churches to deal with. Scriptures are interpreted in different ways and this has led to significant division. But what cannot be argued is the significance of women in the Body of Christ from Jesus' time till now. How is your church supporting and equipping the women who are part of your community? As your church goes out into your community and the world, are you seeking opportunities to serve women specifically? If you asked the women in your church about whether the church as a body values women's issues and ministries, what answer might you get? Use International Women's Day as an opportunity to make women's issues and ministry a priority in your church, community and around the world.

Organizational Application
Every organization has a cause that drives its work. Some causes are very focused on serving and ministering to women. Other ministry efforts are more general and focused on a broader audience. As you look over this Missiographic and see how other ministries are serving women, what ideas does that spark in you? How might your organization serve women through the cause God has given you? As we celebrate International Women's Day this week, could you start a discussion in your organization around how you are responding to the spiritual and physical needs of women?

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