Global Bible Searches - What Are They Searching For?

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Global Bible Searches - What Are They Searching For?

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God's Word speaks to people very differently around the world. They find inspiration, encouragement and admonishment in a variety of passages depending on geography, circumstance, religious background and culture. With the Internet (and thanks to our friends at, we are now able to get a glimpse into the passages that people are seeking out most regularly. Take a moment to read through this infographic and consider how it might impact your outreach in these countries.

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Personal Reflection
As you looked at some of the top verses searched in the ten largest countries, what surprised you? Which countries' list would most tie with your own preferences? What do you learn from the popularity of Psalm 23? Whether you are ministering in one of these countries or praying for that country, take some time to read the verses that they are searching the most and ask God to give you greater insight into the people and their search for truth.

Engaging the Church
When you strive to engage your church about your own country or another country that you are seeking to serve, do you help your church empathize and connect with the people in that country? One great way to do that is to read the passages that are most searched online in that country. How could you expose your church to the searching heart of China, Indonesia or Russia? What would that do for people's heart and vision for that country? Give it a try and share what happens with the Missiographics community.

Organizational Application
As your organization reaches out in these, the ten most populous countries, how can you use the information about their top Scripture searches in the design and implementation of your ministry efforts? Consider the countries that have only Old Testament Scriptures in their top five and ask your team how you should be integrating the Old Testament into your ministry approach. What about the significance of the Psalms…how might the Psalms really open up new ways of sharing Truth? Also, consider opening up some dialogue between global partners about these search statistics. Are they seeing the same thing on the ground? What trends are significant? And how should you respond?

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