How India Leaders Make Ministry Decisions

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How India Leaders Make Ministry Decisions
India Leaders Decisions Missiographic
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The greatest discernment challenges today are not centered on access to information. Instead, today leaders must contend with making decisions with many data points and a variety of cultural dynamics. Context is king! The latest Missiographic explores our latest research into the decision making dynamics in India. Both Indian and Non-Indian leaders can benefit from this unique insight as they strive to develop as leaders and partner more effectively for ministry impact.

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Personal Reflection
As an Indian leader, think about the last decision you made (great or small). What went into your decision making process? Now look at today's Missiographic and ask yourself what type of decision maker you are and which factors were critical to the decision you made. What might you do differently with this information in mind? How can you communicate to your own leadership, board, staff and partners about what you are learning about decision making? Look at the challenges in decision making defined in the Missiographic and decide which one you should be tackling in your own ministry.

As a Non-Indian leader, consider the Indian partners and friends that you have. Have you assumed that they make decisions in the exact same way you do? What miscommunications or disconnects have you had with your Indian partners? Is it possible that some of the factors that are significant in an Indian leader's decision making process are different from the factors that are prominent in your own decision making? How can you identify the profiles of Indian decision makers and understand the factors so that you can more effectively engage your Indian partners as you work together?

Engaging the Church
If you attend or pastor a church in India, how are you making decisions within your congregation? Do you see people of the different decision making profiles at work within your church? What decision making factors are most prominent? If you are strong on the spiritual factors, are you ignoring the relational or context specific factors?

If you attend or pastor a church outside of India, how can this information help you as you partner with Indian churches? Consider your next short term trip or an ongoing partnership with an Indian church. If you better understand Indian decision making, how will that change how you respond to them as you plan your ministry activities? Notice that the context specific info that is so important in Western culture is very low on an Indian's decision making list of priorities. How can you be more sensitive and focused on the spiritual and relational side of decision making with them?

Organizational Application
As global and local organizations engage in ministry activity, decisions are a daily part of life. Every day you are confronted with challenges and opportunities that require discernment. But many times that process is very intuitive and can be misunderstood. As an Indian ministry, ask yourself how you are managing decisions internally. What factors are most valued and which ones are being ignored? Also, how are you empowering the three types of decision makers to own the decisions that need to be made at their level?

As a ministry working with Indian partners, do you value different styles of decision making? Are you aware that decisions will be made differently and are you giving space in your partnership to talk about that and work together with that reality in mind? Which of the factors in your own decision making match up with the factors described in the study? Are yours in the same order as the ones for Indian leaders? If not, how will you compensate for your partner's process?

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