Indonesia: Think BIG!

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Indonesia: Think BIG!

Indonesia Infographic
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Some places in the world are simply hard to grasp. Indonesia is one of them. It is BIG in almost every way. Take a moment to explore Indonesia's geography, population, religious makeup and people groups. Then ask God how He wants you to respond to this BIG place.


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Personal Reflection
When we hear the word "island" we immediately think "small." But as this week's infographic shows, Indonesia is a group of islands but is anything but small. Indonesia is big in many ways and it requires a big response. What were your perceptions of Indonesia before seeing this infographic? Were you familiar with the number of people who still need to hear the Gospel in Indonesia? Did you have a sense for the country's size? How will this information change your interest, actions or advocacy for the people of Indonesia?

Engaging the Church
It is likely that your church supports an individual or organization working in Indonesia. How much does your congregation know about this country? There are many ways to paint the picture of the huge need and opportunity in this amazing country. If you haven't adopted a people group in your church, you might pick one of the unreached groups from Indonesia. You might also consider highlighting different islands within Indonesia to help people learn about the diversity of the different islands. What if the kids in your Sunday School brought in a button for every inhabited island (6000) in Indonesia so they could learn about its size? Think of creative ways to paint the BIG picture and then challenge your church to act!

Organizational Application
Many times organizations who are working in places like Indonesia assume everyone else understands the size of the ministry opportunities there. First, consider the finances, people and project efforts you are investing in Indonesia in relation to the need. Are you allocating enough effort towards this incredibly important nation? Then once you have answered that question, take time as a team to brainstorm how you can better communicate what you are doing to engage with in Indonesia. Consider how you can creatively show the size of the opportunity and how God is using your organization to reach Indonesia.

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