Sharing Your Christian Faith with Muslims

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Christians may think it is challenging to engage with Muslims about the Christian faith, but with the right attitude and understanding, it can be surprisingly easy and fruitful. This infographic was developed as a custom Missiographic for ABWE’s Muslim Ministries to help believers journey alongside their Muslim friends and neighbors and better share their faith in a winsome and loving way. Thanks to ABWE for allowing GMI to share this wonderful content as this week’s Missiographic!


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Personal Reflection

As you encounter Muslims in your community or hear stories about Muslims from around the world, what is your attitude? How does your attitude towards Muslims impact your witness to them? Look over this infographic and pray about how God might have you engage with Muslims that live around you. If you don't know anyone who follows Islam, then ask God to introduce you to someone whom you can build a relationship with.


Engaging the Church

As a church, how are you portraying Islam and the Muslim community in your area or around the world? Are you finding ways to educate your congregation about how to love, serve and communicate to Muslims? If you support missionaries who serve in countries with Muslim majorities, have you considered how they could equip the congregation to reach out?


Organizational Application

Does your organization work in places where there are large Muslim communities? How are you helping those who support your work understand the Muslim community better? There are so many misconceptions and so few true relationships between Christians and Muslims. What is your organization doing to help other believers learn how to build a relationship with someone of the Muslim faith and share Christianity in appropriate ways?


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