What has your Missions Leadership Journey been like?

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What has your Missions Leadership Journey been like?
What has your Missions Leadership Journey been like?

Whether you are a leader in your ministry organization or someone who is serving alongside a leader as they shoulder that responsibility, it is important to evaluate the progress made, the challenges, the opportunities and the areas where growth is needed.

Missio Nexus 2013 CEO Survey, www.missionexus.org




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Personal Reflection
Take a moment to look at some of the areas identified by mission agency CEO's and ask yourself how you are dealing with these issues.

Engaging the Church
Local church relations is identified as an external factor most likely to impact missions organizations. If you don't already know, find out which agencies your church works with. What can you do in your church to strengthen the relationships between mission agencies and your church? How can you help leaders from these two organizations connect in meaningful ways?

Organizational Application
How is your organization dealing with the three areas identified by CEO's as needing innovation? Are you seeking creative solutions to these challenging topics. What would it look like if you began a dialogue within your organization about the impact of Globalization, Partnership and Leadership Development on your cause?

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