What is the World Voting For?

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What is the World Voting For Missiographic

It is hard for believers to agree on the role of politics in their faith. But there is no doubt that electing those who govern us is an important responsibility for any citizen. Learn in greater detail about the elections happening all over the world this year and consider how you might pray for those voting and those who are seeking to be elected. How might God work through the voters and the elected officials to bring about His will and His Kingdom?


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Personal Reflection

If you are over 18 and live in a country that allows elections, then you have probably cast a ballot. For some this may have been a very fulfilling effort and for others of you it may have been a great disappointment. How did it affect your faith - whether your candidate won or lost? How did you respond to the results of that election as you lived your life on a daily basis? Now think about all the people who have already voted this year, are going through an election or are waiting to hold an election. How could you pray for them in this time? What perspective do they need in order to live out their civic duty in light of their faith? How might voting be a key that would turn their hearts to God?


Engaging the Church

Does your church serve as a polling place in your country? Many do. That simple act of hosting the process of voting is one way that you can bless your country and engage your community. What are other ways that a church might engage and serve the voting public? How might your church pray for the leaders who are seeking election? How about Christian leaders seeking office? Another possibility is your work with partners in other countries that are getting ready to vote? How are you praying for those countries and the churches or ministry partners in those places?


Organizational Application

Many times a ministry organization ignores the elections in the countries where they serve until the vote is cast. Then the question usually is, "How will this affect our organization?" What is your role in praying for the elections in the country(ies) where you serve? How might the process of voting open doors for your ministry to engage with those who are electing their leaders? Many times people put their hope in elected officials and are disappointed in the results. Other times they are discouraged when their candidate does not win. How could your ministry affirm their civic responsibility but also point to the King of Kings? Good information is key for any individual or ministry. For more insights look at missiographics.com.



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