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Your Custom Map can show you...

  • the distribution of all your ministry locations
  • the location of different languages in a given area
  • Download this map of Taiwan
    how social and economic indicators vary per region
  • trends in ministry over time
  • the geographic context of the latest current events

And these are only a few suggestions!

GMI Custom Mapping: 
Strategically Visualize Your World

Exploring and visualizing data with custom mapping allows mission leaders, organizations, churches, and individuals to analyze and communicate statistics, trends and locations related to their ministries. Educators, researchers and publishers find clear, high-resolution maps invaluable to highlight current events, to explore phenomena of interest or to illustrate publications.

Use your own data or tap GMI’s extensive databases of religious, linguistic, and demographic information. High-quality digital and printed maps using the latest cartographic techniques and technology will help you strategically visualize your world, such as 2D and 3D mapping, terrain visualization and animation.  

See examples of some of the different possibilities in the links to the left.  Our staff is waiting to quickly design just the map you need! Contact us to discuss how we can best serve you.