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Custom Mapping Service

If you don't see what you want below, GMI cartographers can custom design maps according to your specifications. Choose from 2D, 3D, animated maps and more. Provide your own data, use data from GMI's extensive databases or use a combination of both.

In addition to pre-designed GMI maps (available on Mission InfoBank), we provide a broad spectrum of custom mapping services for mission agencies, churches, Christian educational institutions, and individuals. We'll be glad to talk with you via phone or email about your mapping needs.


Global Ministry Mapping System

Geographic Information System (GIS) or computer mapping software enables users to visualize their world. GIS technology can be a powerful tool for the analysis, planning, management, and mobilization of Christian ministry. The GMMS Community website supports a global network of Christian ministry leaders who do their own computer mapping to help them learn, plan, coordinate, and communicate their work.

Wondering how computer mapping can support your ministry? This is the place to find information and interact with others.


Africa GMMS

World Language Mapping System

The World Language Mapping System (WLMS) consists of Geographic Information System (GIS) data mapping language locations. It is the result of over 20 years of collaborative work between Global Mapping International (GMI) and the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) to map the over 6,900 languages described in SIL's 16th edition Ethnologue. This data set, adapted to work with either NGA's public domain Digtital Chart of the World (VMAP Level 0) base map or GMI's companion Seamless Digital Chart of the World, is now available to the broader community of GIS users.

The World Language Mapping System is available to the Christian nonprofit community packaged as part of the Global Ministry Mapping System (see above).


WorldVue CD

WorldVue CD-ROM

OUT OF PRINT. WorldVue maps are now available for free download from Mission InfoBank.



The Atlas of Global Chrisitianity

The Atlas of Global Christianity, edited by Todd M. Johnson and Kenneth R. Ross, provides a quick visual reference of the changing status of global Christianity over the 100 years since the epoch-making "Edinburgh 1910" World Missionary Conference. The Atlas includes full-color maps of Christian affliation in every United Nations region in the world, historical essays on Christianity 1910-2010 by scholars from each region of the world, and interactive electronic interface on DVD of all maps and graphics for classroom use. The Atlas is published by Edinburgh University Press and contains 384 pages and 400 color illustrations. Read more about The Atlas here.


Taiwan Church Mapping

The Taiwan Missionary Fellowship has published on its website many of George McFall's maps of Taiwan, showing church distribution by education and income level for each township. George is a career TEAM missionary who worked on a short-term mapping assignment with GMI.


Featured Map of the Week

This map and many other GMI maps are available in various computer file formats on the Mission InfoBank.


Wall Maps

See samples of pre-printed wall maps GMI offers.


Map Clip Art

Lisiting of websites offering map clip art.


Map-Related Web Sites

What more can we say?


Geographic Databases

Listing of webpages of databases useful for research and mapping.


A Sampling of Mapping Resources for Missions

An extensive list of links, resources and info for anything from how to find quick and easy maps to how to develop your own computer mapping system.