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Links to Churches UK focus, with linked database to churches around the world. Build your own church website through this service ("The system allows your church to create a great looking website in a matter of minutes! Once your site is built, adding content and making updates is easy enough for anyone to do.")

ChurchSurf Christian Directory: Linked, searchable database which focuses on US churches but also provides links to churches outside the U.S. Provides lists of churches by city, state, (district), region, and country as well as denominational lists. Clickable map to each state in the US with an International Directory that lists churches with links to available web pages. Sponsored by the United Bible Society, this site provides a site for many churches in the US (and welcomes representatives from the churches to add material to the site for each church).

UK Christian Handbook Online: Wow! "There are nearly 6,000 Christian organisations and Church headquarters in the UK. That includes a staggering 247 denominations, as well as 243 conference centres and 221 missionary societies!"

Don't forget to check the Church Planting page of MisLinks as well!



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