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Bazaar for Information on businesses, libraries, news, people, publishers, and videos.

Businesses: Find business locations and phone numbers through Web Business pages.

CEO Express: Quick, significant links for busy people; news and business related which you can personalize.

Church Leader Internet Portal (CLIP): Zondervan's source for church leaders including significant news, links to multiple resources, etc.

Libraries: On-line catalogs and materials help you find books and other resources you need.

News: Multiple news sources available on the Web from around the world.

People: Find people, including addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, and maps through Web Personal pages links.

Publishers: Need to locate a book or search a publisher by subject? Need to buy a book? Even one that's out of print?

Religions of the World: What do adherents of the many religions of the world believe? These links are to sites hosted by the adherents themselves, though we do also provide some links to sites where you can see what Christians say as well.

Videos: Need a video for a presentation? We provide access to Christian and educational video publishers so that you can browse to see what's available.



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