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Links to Religions and Religious Gateway Sites

Disclaimer: The bulk the sites listed below provide either the perspective of the adherents or the academic study of the religions listed rather than apologetic approaches. Linking to a site from MisLinks does not indicate approval of the doctrinal approaches or the religious thoughts expressed; our purpose is to enable the study of religions from a missions orientation, which includes knowing what the adherents say about themselves, what academics say about them, and what the perspective of the historic Christian faith is towards the religions of the world.


AltaVista Faiths and Beliefs Directory
American Religion Data Archive
Encyclopedia Britannica Online (Time Magazine)
Internet Sacred Text Archive
Online Books Page (Religion)
Ontario Consultants for Religious Tolerance
Religion Mega-Site
SIM Special Report on World Religions
Snap.Com Religions Directory
Virtual Religion Index
Watchman Index
World Religions Index
Yahoo! Religions Section
Yahoo Religions Web Directories

African Traditional Religions African Traditional Religions Links
Bahai list of best WWW sites


Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
Center for Buddhist Studies, College of Liberal Arts, National Taiwan University
Virtual Religion Index: Buddhist Studies

Caribbean Religions Santeria & Vodoun links
Caribbean Religion Center
Vodou Encyclopedia

New Religions, Cults, & Sects

Secular Academic Study of Religions/
Social Sciences Approach New Religious Movements links
Nurel Web Home Page
Religious Movements Homepage

Christian Response/Apologetics Approach

AltaVista Christian Apologetics Directory
Apologetics Index
Apologetics Resource Center
Apologia Report
Dialogue Center International
Evangelical Ministries to New Religions
Interfaith Evangelism
Watchman Index


Geocities on Hinduism
Hindu Resources Online
Hindu Universe Resource Center


Secular Academic Approach or Islam-Oriented Sites

About Islam and Muslims
Islamic Studies, Arabic & Religion WebPage
Mukmin: The Islamic Way of Life
The Islamic Gallery
Virtual Religion Index: Islam

Christian Response/Apologetics Approach

Answering Islam
Brigada Mission Mobilizers Database:
   * Books, Tapes, Periodicals, Websites
   * Organizations, Training, and Opportunities
Islamic-Christian Controversy
Middle East Resources Pages


Andrew Tannenbaum's Judaism and Jewish Resources Judaism Links

Native American Virtual Religion Index: American Religions
Sikhism Sikhism
History of the Sikhs
Sikhism Homepage


Religious Studies Webguide: Shinto
Virtual Religion Index: Shinto


Religious Studies Webguide: Taoism
Virtual Religion Index: Taoism
WWW Virtual Library: Taoism Links

Zoroastrianism Zoroastrianism & Parsiism links



Lausanne Committee
for World Evangelization
Wheaton College
Intercultural Studies Department
Institute for Cross Cultural Training