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Mission Resources

Links to resources especially helpful in missions, such as mission agencies, collections of missions papers and documents available on the Web, magazines, researching special topics such as people groups and the persecuted church.

Mission Agencies and Organizations: Sites which give you access to mission organizations on the Web. The chance for you to discover and explore what various agencies are about and where they are at work.

Collections: Links to numerous collections of papers, articles, academic courses, booklets, etc. available with a specific mission-related focus.

Journals and Periodicals: You might be surprised by the number of mission magazines and journals which offer Web-based service!

Member Care: Web-based resources which help us care for missionaries.

Societies, Institutions, and Web Pages: Focused more specifically on missiological societies, academic sites, and missions Web pages which give access to items ranging from scholarly papers to dissertation abstracts to searchable indices for leading mission journals . . .

People Groups: Are you or your agency, church, or team interested in a particular people group? Take advantage of what the Web has to offer!

Persecuted Church: Links to information on the reality of ongoing persecution of the church and agencies which are working to help alert Christians as well as finding ways to alleviate the pain.

Topic Gateways: Pages which provide topical links related to missions studies.



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