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American Society for Church Growth
American Society of Missiology
Evangelical Missiological Society
International Association for Mission Studies
Southern African Missiological Society

ACU African Mission Resource Center
Asbury Site: Mental Health and Missionary Care
Baylor University Mission Forum
Billy Graham Center Evangelism and Mission Archives
Cambridge Currents in World Christianity
Contextualization Links (Wheaton Grad School Course)
Edinburgh Centre for the Study of Christianity (Non-western World)
Fuller SWM: Abstracts of Theses and Dissertations
Harding University Center for World Missions
Southern Nazarene University
Theological Research Exchange Network (theses and dissertations

Wheaton College Missions Department
Yale Library Mission Research Support

ACMC (Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment)
Brigada Top Mission Resources
GMI Mission Research
Missiology Resource Guide
Mission Computer-Related Resource Directory
Mission Research Network
Mission Resource Directory
Missions International Mission Links
Ncubator missions/evangelism directory
The Network for Strategic Missions
OSCAR (UK Info Service for World Mission)
SIM Resources for World Christians
Top Mission Resources
UK Christian Handbook Online
World Christian Resources on the Net
Worldview Research Tool Kit



Lausanne Committee
for World Evangelization
Wheaton College
Intercultural Studies Department
Institute for Cross Cultural Training