About MisLinks . . .

MisLinks is a web-based directory focused on offering helpful links to Web-based resources for missionaries, mission pastors, teachers, and researchers, students of mission and mission agencies. MisLinks was initiated in 1997; it has been developed and maintained by Scott Moreau of Wheaton College and Mike O'Rear of Global Mapping, International. We have no financing, no employees, and generally no interest in securing such . . . but we do have a desire to serve the larger missions community by providing a quality site with helpful links.

MisLinks is continually evolving (we are currently on the seventh "look" for the site). We have written several articles for Evanglical Missions Quarterly and used each as an opportunity to build a page for the article. Some pages have been built to support Scott's teaching at Wheaton; others for the larger mission community. We welcome suggestions for additional links, though our general focus is to link to sites which provide multiple links or resources rather than links to simply personal or mission agency sites.

We are sponsored by the following organizations, who have graciously provided either Web-hosting, employment at our "regular" jobs, moral support, or all of the above! We encourage you to visit their sites (linked through the images) as well.



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