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A Church Planter's Paradise: This site is hosted by a group evangelical organizations that have partnered together to accomplish the Great Commission through Church Planting. All participating organizations adhere to the theological standards of the National Association of Evangelicals. Within this framework, you will find theological diversity among our participants. The Purpose of this site is to offer a "one stop" experience for potential Church Planters to connect with church planting opportunities across the USA and to offer a links page to some great church planting resources. This site intentionally does not offer great depth -- it is designed to be a launching out point.

AltaVista Church Planting Subdirectory: Focused on organizations which do church planting.

ChristianStart.com Church Planting Subdirectory: Focused on organizations which do church planting.

Ethnic Harvest: Dedicated to serving ethnic churches in the U.S., inspiring and equipping churches for multi-cultural ministry, and helping build bridges between ethnic populations in the U.S. and foreign missions.

NewChurchesDotCom Links : A resource web site sponsored by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for church planters and lay leaders. It is our hope you that you will find the information helpful as you prepare to plant a dynamic and effective church in your community.

MCFD Links: Sponsored by the Missionary Church USA which is a part of the World Wide Missionary Church.

PastorNet.Com Church Planting Links: PastorNet began as the dream of a few pastors in Northern California who have a passion for leadership development in the church. This passion has resulted in the formation of an Internet resource for pastors, namely, PastorNet. As the site continues to grow and adapt to the ever expanding e-world, the goal is to help pastors take advantage of Internet resources by becoming a great starting point when they are on the net.

PlantAChurch.com: We believe it is the process that Jesus had in mind when He said to go into all the world and make disciples. Starting reproducing churches that will plant other churches is also the church's greatest challenge and most exciting task at the beginning of the 21st Century. Plantachurch.com offers access to assessment, training, coaching, strategic planning, prayer and other resources to stimulate a church planting movement.

Vision Ministries Canada/Vision Ontario Links--Vision Ministries exists for the purpose of: 1. Evangelism via church planting. 2. Development of Lay Leaders in existing churches. 3. Creating a co-operative Network of Churches. They have an overview of the work of Vision Ministries in Canada featuring the training program they offer in the area of church planting.

Demographics & Statistics
(see also By the Continent and Peoples)

American Religion Data Archive has a variety of information, mostly compiled from surveys, about religion in America. The data file directory is compiled into four categories: surveys of the general population, surveys of specific religious groups, surveys of religious professionals, and aggregate data files.

Barna Research Online Provides an array of materials and services. Of particular interest for the church planter is the Research Archives with forty articles synthesizing Barna's research on topics including African Americans, church demographics, regional differences, worship, and unchurched people.

Discover Your City: Bringing light to the task of community transformation through research has a library with three research papers and also a links page which connects you to other research-based sites.

G-Base: a free, interactive, on-line database for networks of Christian ministries that maintain directories of churches and agencies (the harvest force), demographic and ethnographic information (the harvest field), and dhurch and regional growth data (the harvest yield). The work of Jesus Christ in making disciples in North American cities requires intercessory prayer, good research, biblical methods, and inter-church partnerships. g-base can help partnerships compile their contact directories and maintain their research data on community needs, ministry effectiveness, and Kingdom growth. g-base data can be analyzed and reported to designated churches and ministries as required for their strategic planning.

Percept: Fee-based demographic data targeted to help your church. Percept Group, Inc. is a California company providing planning resources to churches, regional denominational executives and religious organizations in the United States. Percept adds value to its demographic based information products by integrating data about the religious attitudes, preferences and behavior of the American people.

Reaching the Generations for Jesus--These pages are dedicated to researching, understanding and discussing the various generations of young people growing up in today's world. This begins with the so-called Baby Busters, or Generation X, who were born between 1961 and 1982. The Millenial generation, or Generation Y, follows, with those born between 1982 and about 2003. After them will come a generation of Adaptives, or Generation Z, who will be born between about 2003 and 2025. The specific purpose of these pages is to analyse the generations from a Christian point-of-view, and discover how best the Gospel of Jesus Christ may be communicated within the generational culture. A Spiritual Growth Model of Local Church Ministry presents a model of ministry to Generation X that will meet them where they are at. This chapter examines two current models which are attempting to adjust to a new generation, and then proposes a combination of both.

Statistics Canada is the country's national statistical agency, with programs organized into three broad subject matter areas: demographic and social, socio-economic and economic.

US Census Bureau--Demographic information about the United States; hundreds of downloadable (Adobe Acrobat) reports are available free on this site. NOTE: American Factfinder lets you download and print maps and demographic data on every city, county, and state in the United States!

Visions-Decisions--We serve churches, judicatories and denominations with quality, helpful demographic reports and studies. For nearly a decade, Visions-Decisions has supplied a range of dependable reports and studies to congregations, new missions, and congregational development committees within most of America's major denominations and church affiliations. Churches have always been our only clients: We exist solely to serve the church.

Denominational Organizations

Calvary Chapel Church Planting Mission is dedicated to assisting Calvary Chapel affiliates in their effort to plant and nurture Calvary fellowships in the Former Soviet Union.

Christian Reformed Home Missions encourages and assists new and established churches, in partnership with classes and the whole Church, to initiate and support the multiplication of new, Biblically faithful, disciple-making churches (Matthew 28:18-20). CRHM is an agency of the Christian Reformed Church of North America (CRC) which is responsible for the spread of the gospel and the building up of Christian Reformed churches on this continent.

Church Planting Group (NAMB)--provides multiple resources on church planting from a Southern Baptist perspective. Note that Church Planting & Evangelism TODAY Magazine is available in Adobe Acrobat format from this site.

Grace Brethren North American Missions Church Planting Pages GBNAM has a three-pronged approach to accomplish the global mission strategy given to us in Acts 1:8, utilizing: Regional Initiatives, Ethnic-American Church Initiatives, World-Class City Initiatives.

Missionary Church USA: The Church Multiplication Training Center exists to develop practical church planting skills while encouraging the personal spiritual growth of planters, pastors, spouses and coaches of planters.

NewChurchesDotCom: A resource web site sponsored by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for church planters and lay leaders. It is our hope you that you will find the information helpful as you prepare to plant a dynamic and effective church in your community.

North American Baptist Conference Church Planting Page:Our vision is to raise the value of "reaching the lost through church planting" so high that an increasing number of our churches see church planting as a sign of health and see the unique role they will play. We will do this by: Assisting association leadership in developing a vision for Church Planting in their context; and assisting local churches in the identification and fulfillment of their unique Church Planting role.

Articles, Magazines, Reports

44 Lessons on Church Planting (Lyle Schaller): Straight list of lessons learned from a leader in church planting and renewal. In two parts; the main link is to part 1 (click for Part 2).

Baptist General Conference 1998-99 Global Church Planting Report: online version of their annual report of church planting working going on around the world.

A Believer's Church Theology--This material was first published by Widows Mite, 1994, by Herb Drake, for use in Prof. Nelson's Systematic Theology classes at Golden Gate Seminary. This revised edition was published in 1996, Herb Drake and Matthew Wysocki editors. It appears on the House Church Central website by permission of the author. Dr. Nelson is Senior Professor of Theology at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Mill Valley, California.

Cell Church Magazine (from Ralph Neighbor)--online version providing the table of contents from 1992 through the present of this magazine devoted to the development of the meta-church approach to church planting and growth. "CellChurch Magazine is a quarterly publication of TOUCH Outreach Ministries. It is the finest resource for the pure cell church available. While other magazines focus on small groups from time to time, CellChurch brings you a fascinating look at cell-based churches around the world and hard hitting articles from the movement's leaders every issue. It doesn't muddy the water with meta thinking - it just focuses on the needs and desires of pure cell churches, cell church plants and churches transitioning to cells from the traditional model."

Church Planting and the Great Commission Two part article which is an excerpt from "Church Planting Approach to Mission" by S. Devasagayam Ponraj, Bethel Bible Institute, Danishpet - 636354, Salem Dist., Tamil Nadu, India. 1987 (click for Part 2: The Stages of Church Planting).

Church Planting Newsletter: the official church planting newsletter of the North American Division Evangelism Institute (SDA). This newsletter currently goes out by e-mail and is posted on the website.

ChurchSmart Newsletter offers several articles dealing with church planting issues, including a number from the perspective of Christian Schwarz's Natural Church Development.

Easum Bandy & Associates -- Equipping church leaders for the 21st Century articles many linked articles dealing with church growth and planting, with an index to their church planting articles.

Ethnic Church Planting article has many resources available;Church Planting Group (NAMB)--provides multiple resources on church planting from a Southern Baptist perspective.

"Evangelism: What Does it Take?": YouthWork Magazine (UK) Article presenting a summary of lessons from the pioneering evangelistic principles of Vincent Donovan, a Catholic missionary to the Maasai people in the 1960s, can be applied to modern-day youth ministry, claims Heather Evans. Read how Fr. Donovan's efforts to contextualise the gospel could help you (excerpts from Donovan's Christianity Rediscovered).

"The Harvest is Ready" (by Jared Roth) An article exploring the issues of church planting through the method of "daughtering" churches; the main focus being on churches in the United States.

Houses That Change the World Wolfgang Simson's 200 page book on the house church movement; you can choose either an MS Word 7 or Adobe Acrobat format.

MCFD Church Planting/Restart Page: Multiple articles on planting or restarting churches; sponsored by the Missionary Church USA which is a part of the World Wide Missionary Church.

On Mission article on church planting from Church Planting Group (NAMB).

Resources for the Pastor and Church Planter--A list of resources on church planting, some of which are available via links on the site. The list comes from the appendix of Shelton Cole's book on Baptist Church Planting.

The Ten Commandments Of Nineteenth Century Church Planting by David W. Hall in Premise, a publication of the Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy (CAPO), an internet consortium of think tanks with seven distinct areas. This ministry is wholly supported by the Session of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Oak Ridge, TN.

Training Church Planters: A platform for the development of quality Christian resources on the Internet. Check out the subject index below - your map to a virtual goldmine of Bible studies, leadership training materials and reference material.

The Visionary--Journal from Lincoln Seminary focused on church planting. The link takes you to the article "Planting Churches - Urban Style!" and gives you access (on the left side) to multiple examples, lessons, etc. on church planting.

Parachurch Organizations

Canadian House Church Resource Network is about "facilitating reproducible house church networks." Mission Statement: By the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, we seek to mobilize, resource, encourage, network, train and facilitate those that God is raising up in Canada who, while complimenting other forms of Christian gatherings in Canada, share and carry out the vision of establishing easily reproducible, multiplying house churches in house church networks as a vital part of seeing Canada discipled and taking a more effective role in discipling the nations, in order that Jesus will be glorified as King of Kings among all nations. We desire to see His life lived out through us in every aspect of life.

Church Planting Forum: Web-based threaded discussion on church planting.

Church Planting International Besides working directly in church planting projects, the role of CPI in fulfilling the Great Commission is to help mobilize Christian laborers and resources and direct them to areas of need in the world. It is to be the link between those willing and able to help in those parts of the world which have little or no Christian witness.

Church Resource Ministries: At CRM our mission is to develop leaders to strengthen and start churches worldwide. CRM envisions movements of fresh, authentic churches, pioneered by godly leaders, fired by a passion for their world, compelled to multiply their lives and ministry, so that the name of God is renowned among the nations.

Dawn Ministries: The word "DAWN" is an acronym for "Discipling A Whole Nation." It is a strategy of ministry developed in terms of our Lord’s command to "make disciples of all nations." It takes literally the idea that the Lord wants nations to be discipled. To do this, DAWN seeks to mobilize the whole Body of Christ in whole countries in an optimum strategy for the discipling of all the "nations" or peoples of those countries.

Fellowship of Church Planters The Fellowship of Church Planters began in 1985 in Rhode Island and now consists of a network of autonomous teams in New England. We facilitate teams in other countries. The teams are modeled after the apostolic bands in the New Testament and are committed to planting reproducing networks of house churches.

ForMinistry.com: ForMinistry.com is an Internet ministry of the American Bible Society.This brand new site is carrying on the important work begun at Houses of Worship and promises to become the premier Web site for churches and ministry-minded Christians.

House Church Central--HCC is non-denominational and an effort is made to accommodate Christians of many backgrounds. The house church movement is an attempt to get away from the institutional church, seeking instead to return to the small gatherings of peoples that constituted all of the churches of the New Testament era. Dedicated to the growing house church movement and endeavoring to provide house churches with 1) A channel for the interchange of ideas; 2) A source for solid, Christian theology; and 3) A catalog of resources for the house church.

Midwest Church Planting: We believe that the local church is the ‘hope of the world’ and that develpment of new vital churches is the most effect means on earth for reaching our world. Our vision statement is to fullfill the great commission through the planting and growing of healthy churches.

Russian Ministries Projects: Evangelism and Church Planting in Russia: If you're interested in planting churches in the former Soviet Union, here's a resource that might be helpful. PDRM Projects offers information and links to those intereseted in ministering in Russia. This site also connects you with already established mission agencies currently working in Russia.

World Impact--crosses class and cultural barriers to reach those unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ and form culturally-conducive churches among them.

Educational/Training Sites

Church Multiplication Training Center: offers training for planting/multiplying churches; exists to multiply reproducing churches through equipping and empowering planters, pastors, spouses, and leaders of sponsoring agencies.

ChurchPlanters e-mail Conference (Abilene Christian University): The vision for the CHURCHPLANTERS conference is for Church Planters to build up and encourage each other through the sharing of overall vision, questions, specific problems, experiences, testimonies and practical suggestions. Other Christians who are interested in church planting are also welcome. Of special interest are their Archive and Resource pages, each providing multiple links to books, organizations, etc. available online.

The Church Planting Institute: Empowering Leaders for Church Multiplication Movements in the 21st Century--Sponsored by CRM New Church Development, the Church Planting Institute (CPI) is an intensive training and coaching process designed to help leaders implement reproducible systems necessary for church multiplication movements within a district of churches. The Church Planting Institute exists to: Mobilize powerful prayer for evangelism and new church development; Implement appropriate, reproducible systems to accelerate the multiplication of disciples, groups and churches within cities, regions and countries; Cultivate coaching and networks for key leaders to facilitate effective church multiplication movements; Raise up workers for the harvest and from the harvest through evangelism and leadership development; and Empower leaders to start and multiply churches all over the place.

Church Planting Ministries: This ministry is here to assist you in raising up strong and growing churches. The information provided on this site will help a pastor of an established church as well as a pastor who is starting a new church.

Church Planting Training Center (Denver Seminary): Dr. Tom Collins has almost 30 years experience planting 9 churches in suburban and rural settings, serving as a regional director of church planting and serving at the seminary level as an associate dean and professor teaching church planting, church growth and evangelism. He earned his D.Min. degree from Fuller Seminary focusing on church growth and church planting.

ChurchSmart: Offers multiple resources (including an on-line newsletter) and opportunities for training within the orientation of Christian Schwarz's Natural Church Development.

Dynamic Church Planting International: a mentoring, training, and consulting mission focused on providing products and services to help church planters at all levels.

Easum Bandy & Associates offers consulting, evaluation, and training together with various written resources dealing with church growth and planting, with an index to their church planting articles.

House to House Church Planting and Leadership Video Correspondence School--"Here it is...practical tools and training for cell-based ministry. The best of DOVE Christian Fellowship International's six month in-house training school packaged into a video correspondence school. You can learn the same dynamic cell-based church building principles in your own home. The School is taught by various experienced, cell-based experts from DCFI. All are currently involved in cell ministry and will be available to answer your questions by mail, fax or e-mail. The school has been divided into three self-contained modules, each to be completed before advancing to the next module."

INTR 546: Evangelism and Church Planting course taught at Wheaton Graduate School. Full course materials (including syllabus, lecture notes, assignments, and extensive bibliography) are on line.

Mark Harris collection of papers: 11 professional papers analyzing church planting in Russia for people who are doing evangelism and other kinds of ministry work in Russia

*Special thanks to the students in INTR 546: Evangelism and Church Planting, Spring, 2000 for help in finding many of these sites.

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