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Churches Sites which help you locate Web pages for churches in your city, region . . . or around the world.

Church Planting Resources Links to sites which explore, explain, teach, or develop church planting methods from a variety of perspectives.

Evangelism Sites which help you understand and develop and evangelistic presence on the Web.

UK Christian Handbook Online Wow! "There are nearly 6,000 Christian organisations and Church headquarters in the UK. That includes a staggering 247 denominations, as well as 243 conference centres and 221 missionary societies!"

Bible Reference Tools Links to sites which either list provide more links or which give you basic tools to help you study the Bible.

Related Pages from Other MisLinks Categories

Member Care Web-based resources which help us care for missionaries.

Mission Agencies and Organizations Sites which give you access to mission organizations on the Web. The chance for you to discover and explore whatvarious agencies are about and where they are at work.

Video Providers Organizations that sell videos; useful for churches or other organizations to find videos of use for a particular issue. Note that the links go to both Christian and secular educational sites.

World Religions What do adherents of the many religions of the world believe? These links are to sites hosted by the adherents themselves, though we do also provide some links to sites where you can see what Christians say as well.

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