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The Power of Partnerships
Partnership in the Lausanne Covenant
Diplomatic Savvy for the Sake of the Unreached
Partnership Facilitator (O’Connell) 
Partnering Resources (PI)
Capacity Building (Rickett)
AD2000 Networking Menu 
Partnership: The New Direction in World Evangelism
GCOWE 95 Partnership paper
Church/agency partnership
Partnership Facilitator (Haan)
Mission Frontiers: strategic partnerships
Strategic Resource Partnerships
Partnership Facilitator (Kranbaugh)
The Synergy of Partnership (Albania)
Protestant Missionaries In The Former Soviet Union
A Model for Ministry Networking
Ready for e-mission?
AD2000 Partnerships menu
People Specific Networks
Partners International
Network for Strategic Missions
Gospel Communications
Mission Aviation Fellowship
World by Radio
Dawn Ministries
The Alliance for Saturation Church Planting
The Next Step
WEF Member Care Task Force
Antioch Network


Fellowship of Missions
Evangelical Missiological Society
Collaborative Portals for Education and Computing (FSU)
Information Portal (CoVia)
Advanced Data eXchange


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