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Learning Styles

ERIC abstracts on learning styles materials  This publication lists various resources from ERIC on learning styles, including inventories and how to order them.  It was prepared with funding from the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education.

Learning Styles Web Pages from the Center for Technology and Learning (CTL), Indiana State University

Personal Learning Style Inventory take the test on-line, and they will e-mail you the results.

Learning Style Inventory print out this inventory, and score it yourself.

Multiple Intelligences Learning Style Inventory self-assessment tool with explanations of the seven types of intelligences.

Learning Styles includes multiple pages of descriptive materials modeled on David Kolb's paradigm, and a short inventory you can take for self assessment.

Barsch Learning Style Inventory another on-line test which you can print out and use for personal purposes.

Learning Styles site Individuals learn best in many different ways, sometimes using a variety of learning styles, but teachers and trainers may not always present information & learning experiences in the ways that best suit you. Forms of learning through workshops, practical activities or through informal methods may suit some people more than others. Sometimes, people feel they are not good at learning when it may be just that they don't know their own learning styles. These selected websites suggest ways of recognising a variety of learning styles and making best use of them. If you are on a course or learning programme, it may be useful to discuss these issues with your tutors or advisers.

Theory of Multiple Intelligences (Gardner's work; multiple links and explanations)

Teaching Styles

Teaching Styles Web Pages from the Center for Technology and Learning (CTL), Indiana State University

Etc., . . .

Optical Illusions  (27 examples)

Graphics Communications (graphic arts company; good 3-D illusions and Quick Time movies)

Optical Illusions (with multiple links) (Daniel Chandler of University of Wales Aberystwyth; visit the M C Escher gallery!)

Illusion Art Museum (illusory works of well-known artists)

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