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Resources Focused on Contextualization

Resources for Ministry
Around the World: Muslims
Iranian Christians International Catalog
New Creation Book for Muslims: Grow a Jesus Mosque
Who is Isa al Masih?
The World of Islam CD (50+ books, maps, photos, and much more)
YWAM Article Library (Muslims)
Muslim Conversion Stories
The Camel Method (Word document)

Network for Strategic Missions KnowledgeBase articles:

Muslim Evangelism
Muslims for Christ
Muslims tell... "Why I Chose Jesus"
Testimonies of Muslim Background Believers
Testimonies of Why Muslims Become Christians
Who is Isa al Masih?: Dreams & Visions
Articles Listed by Journal


The Muslim World
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International Journal of Frontier Missions:

Islam I (11:2, 1994)
Islam II (13:3, 1996)
Islam III (13:4, 1996)
Islam IV (17:4, 2000)
Muslim Contextualization I (17:1, 2000)
Comprehensive Contextualization, Harley Talman (IJFM) 
Contextualization Among Muslims: Reusing Common Pillars (IJFM)
Critical Contextualization and Muslim Conversion (IJFM)
The Ishmael Promise and Contextualization Among Muslims (IJFM)
Part: 1 Living like Jesus: A Torah Observant Jew Joshua Massey (IJFM)
Part: II Living like Jesus: A Torah Observant Jew Joshua Massey (IJFM)
Should Christians Pray the Muslim Salat?, Warren C. Chastain (IJFM)
The "Son of God"-Understanding the Messianic Titles of Jesus (IJFM)
Strategizing for Church Planting Movements in the Muslim World Rebecca Lewis (IJFM) 
Articles Listed by Journal

Journal of Asian Mission:

Aspects of High-Spectrum Contextualization in Ministries to Muslims, Mark S. Williams (JAM)

Mission Frontiers (search page; type "Muslim" into searchbar)

Network for Strategic Missions KnowledgeBase topics:

Christian Mosque
Christ-Followers: Muslim
Scale of Muslim Contextualization

Contextualization: Building Bridges to the Muslim Community (Zenos)
General Resources about Islam and Muslims
Articles about Islam and Missions Criticisms of Mission to Muslims Islam from Islamic and Secular Sources
Answering Islam
Into the Light 
Islamic-Christian Controversy
Islamic Fundamentalism: Implications for Missions, Nabeel T. Jabbour
Middle East Resources Pages

Network for Strategic Missions KnowledgeBase articles:

Folk Islam
Is Christianity Universal?
Middle Eastern Signals Demand Our Attention
Pentecostalism’s Answer to Indonesia’s Unreached Muslims
The Struggle within Islam
Training Latins for the Muslim World
The Great Muslim Challenge
Contextualization: A New Missionary Approach to Muslims
‘Crusading’ Do-Gooders: Who and What They Are, and Why They Should Leave Us Alone
Jesus Mosques and Muslim Christians
Christian Mosques: The New Crusade
"The Stealth Crusade" (Mother Jones)"
About Islam (USA Today site)
Fordham Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
Islamic Studies, Arabic & Religion WebPage
Virtual Religion Index: Islam

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