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Contextualization of Theology General Resources

Gateways and Collections
Association of Professors of Mission contextualization course syllabi
Bibliography of articles and books on Contextualization from 1972 to 1999 (Searchable version)
Contextualization PowerPoint show
Global Christian Theology: An Annotated Bibliography with Emphasis on Non-White Theologians
I.D.E.A. Contextualization Forum
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary online essays
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Network for Strategic Missions KnowledgeBase topics:

Contextual Theologies
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Biblical Discussion
Bible Translation and Contextualization
Chronological Bible Storying 
Contextualizing the Parables of Jesus

Great Commission Contextualization

The Missionary Principles of Paul and How They Should Apply Today

Paul and the Contextualization of the Gospel
The Trinity and Contextualization
Selected Journal Archives
Evangelical Missions Quarterly
International Journal of Frontier Missions
Journal of Asian Mission
Mission Frontiers Magazine
Taiwan Mission Quarterly
To All Men All Things
General Resources Sites
Annotated Contextualization Bibliography: Introductions

Sample Articles

 * Appreciation for and Warnings about Contextualization

 * Contextualization: A New-Old Idea

Contextualization: SIM Position Paper
Contextualization in Three Dimensions

Contextualization that is Authentic and Relevant

 * The Contextualization of Theology
Contextualizing the Power and the Glory
 * Doing Theology Across Cultures: A New Methodology for an Old Task
The Human Universals for Culture: Implications for Contextualization
Measuring Contextualization in Church and Missions
The Willowbank Report
Resources by Continent
Africa Asia Latin America
General Resources Sites
Theology in Africa
NSM KnowledgeBase articles:
African Theologies
Annotated Contextualization Bibliography: African Theologies

Sample Articles

African Theology and Social Change (dissertation)
Behold! The Ox of God
Christians and Their Ancestors: A Dilemma of African Theology
Contextualizing the Gospel in Africa
Essays in African Theology
INSeCT: African Catholic Theology
 * The Problem of Methodology in African Christian Theologies
 * Willowbank to Zaire: The Doing of Theology
General Resources Sites

NSM KnowledgeBase articles

Asian Liberation Theologies
Asian Theologies
Chinese Theologies
Gospel and Culture




Annotated Contextualization Bibliography: Asian Theologies; Dalit Theologies; Minjung Theologies
Center for Contextualized Theology and Ethics (Catholic)

Japanese Evangelical Contemporary Theology (in English)

Sample Articles

Communicating the Concept of Sin in the Chinese Context
Contextualization of the Gospel in Taiwan: My Agony
The Contextual Christian: Channappa D. Uttangi
The Development of a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Contextualization in Northeast Thailand
Doing Theology among Cambodian Refugees
Doing Theology among Filipino Peasant-Farmers
Doing Theology among the Ibanags
Doing Theology in a Chinese Context
The Impact of Medellin and Puebla on Asian Theology
Jesus, My Master: "Jesu Bhakta" Hindu Christian Theology
Making Salvation Concrete and Jesus Real Trends in Asian Christology
Theological Contributions of Sino-theology to The Global Christian Community
Together towards the Kingdom: An Emerging Asian Theology (Catholic regional report)
Toward an Asian Theology of Mission
General Resources Sites

NSM KnowledgeBase articles

Liberation Theologies
Latin American Liberation Theologies
Annotated Contextualization Bibliography: Caribbean Theologies; Latin American Theologies
Centre for Liberation Theologies (Leuven) (publications)
Liberation Theology
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Sample Articles

Christian Revolution in Latin America: The Changing Face of Liberation Theology
 * Contextual Evangelization in Latin America: Between Accommodation and Confrontation
 * Contextualization in the Local Church
Developments in Latin American Liberation Theology
 * Latin America's Fifth Wave of Protestant Churches
Latin America: Peruvian New Religious Movements
 * Themes of Pentecostal Expansion in Latin America
Whatever happened to liberation theology?(Latin America)
Middle East North America and Europe Oceania
General Resources Sites
NSM KnowledgeBase articles:
Middle East Theologies
Annotated Contextualization Bibliography: Middle East Theologies

Sample Articles

Contextualization: A New Missionary Approach to Muslims (a Muslim perspective on Christian contextualization)
Contextualization Among Muslims: Reusing Common Pillars
Contextualization: Building Bridges to the Muslim Community
Critical Contextualization and Muslim Conversion
Danger! New Directions in Contextualization
The Hermeneutical Crisis in Muslim Evangelization
The Ishmael Promise and Contextualization Among Muslims
 * The Pros and Cons of Islamicized Contextualization
The "Son of God"-Understanding the Messianic Titles of Jesus
General Resources Sites

NSM KnowledgeBase articles

Black Theologies
Gospel and Culture
Native American Liberation Theologies
Native American Theologies
Russian Theologies


Annotated Contextualization Bibliography: Western Theologies; Western Minority Theologies

Sample Articles

Contextualization Frustration: Why Young Adults Blow Off the Church
Doing Theology among the Zuni
The Gospel of Genocide and the Good News of Jesus Christ: From Victim to Victor in First Nations Ministry
Postmodern Contextualization
Gospel and Culture Network
Emergent articles
Emerging Church/Emerging Culture resource
JordonCooper.com Postmodern Culture
Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry
LeonardSweet.com articles
Lesslie Newbigin bibliography/documents
THEOOZE articles
NextWave articles
General Resources Sites
NSM KnowledgeBase articles:
Oceanic Theologies
Annotated Contextualization Bibliography: Oceanic Theologies

Sample Articles

Concepts of Power in a Melanesian and Biblical Perspective
The Contextualization of Cargo Cult Beliefs and the Christian Message in Irian Jaya, Indonesia
Ratu Adil: A Javanese Face of Jesus?
Translating the Gospel

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