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Gateway Sites

Intercultural Communication Homepage A gateway site to multiple intercultral communication related sites.

Intercultural FAQ: This is the FAQ file for the intercultural communication and research forums at http://intermundo.net. It also covers basic principles of intercultural communications and research and it different subsections. Its aim is to provide a broad overview of intercultural and cross-cultural communication practices, research, and theories. It does not aim to provide a detailed analysis of current practice, research or theory in the field.

Academic Sites

Dialogous Online 2:2 (1995) article: "Is there a need for intercultural communication in the new South Africa?" Lynn Parry and Susan Potgieter

The Edge: The E-Journal of Intercultural Relations

To All Men All Things A journal of intercultural communication to Hindu peoples


Communication through Story and Drama (randomly arranged)

Willow Creek Association Service Builder--a searchable database of messages, dramas, etc. from Willow Creek (allows downloading of the dramas, etc., but you will have to pay for them!)

The Storytelling Ring ("The Storytelling Ring is a ring of sites throughout the WWW featuring Storytelling resources, organizations, events, and the tellers themselves. All dedicated, at least in part, to the vocal art of telling stories." You will want to visit their List Sites to see what other Web-pages are available.)

Eldrbarry's Storytelling Pages (A Christian storyteller who weaves biblical messages into "secular" stories)

Web Evangelism site (explains principles and ideas of how to use the WWW for evangelism)

Misc. Sites

Culture Learning Simulations & Exercises Brief descriptions of specific simulations; a bibliography of publications which discuss the use of simulations and other experiential activities in the learning environment; contact information for distributors of these and other cultural education games, and contact information for professional organizations devoted to simulations and gaming.

Self-Test of Polychronic vs Monochronic orientation: This instrument is designed to assist you in understanding your personal cultural preferences, with respect to both work style and management style. It may serve as an indicator of how you might adapt in certain organizations and global regions.

The Polychronic Attitude Index: Refinement and Preliminary Consumer Marketplace Behavior Applications: The present paper updates the investigation of polychronic time use, by administering the Polychronic Attitude Index (Kaufman, Lane, and Lindquist 1991) to a sample of consumers in order to examine how their feelings about polychronic time use may be related to their marketplace behaviors. A shortened three-item PAI is also presented, which is thought to reduce possible situation-specificity.

The ABCs of American Culture (Global Mapping of ten commandments of American culture seen through proverbs).

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