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Articles or Papers

Biblical Themes in Spiritual Warfare (.pdf file; from a course on Spiritual Conflict at Wheaton College)

Demonization and Deliverance in Jesus' Ministry by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Evil Spirits: Biblical and Practical Issues by Scott Moreau for Urban Missions

Lausanne Consultation on Spiritual Warfare "Deliver Us from Evil" materials: Over 20 papers, case studies, and statement from a consultation sponsored by Lausanne and AEA in Nairobi (August, 2000).

Network for Strategic Missions Knowledge Base articles on spiritual warfare

Signs and Wonders in Missions by Robert W. Houlihan from Online Enrichment: A Journal for Pentecostal Ministry.

Spiritual Conflict (revised Evangelical Dictionary of Theology)

"'Spiritual Warfare' and 'Deliverance Ministry' and Seventh-day Adventists" an official report on the topic from the SDA Biblical Research Institute.

"The Spiritual Warfare Movement" by Gary E Gilley, Pastor Teacher Southern View Chapel, from Think on These Things, a monthly study paper on theological and contemporary issues that face the church today.

War on the Saints classic book in Spiritual Warfare available on-line

General Sites

Spiritual Warfare Sites This site provides links to a dozen or so sites; it is part of a personal home page of a person who has an interest in this area of ministry.

Spiritual Warfare Ministries Home Page Established in 1965, this organization is directed by aformer missionary to the Philippines. It lists a variety of resources including frequently asked questions (FAQ) and links to a number of spiritual warfare Web sites. Note that when you link to them though this site, it keeps you in its own "frame," making it difficult to bookmark the sites in your browser.

Spiritual Warfare Links contains a few new sites not listed in the others.

Yahoo Directory of sites related to exorcism/demonology.

Google.com search on "spiritual warfare"

Religious Gateway Sites

Following are links to sites which give links to occultic sites. The amount of occult material available on the WWW is staggering. This list is presented for those who need to research occult practices from the emic perspectives.

Dark Side of the Web This site provides active links to over 4,000 sites arranged in more than 20 categories. It is useful for primary research to see what occult practitioners say about themselves and how they describe what they believe and do. Those researching the Occult specifically should go to their Occult Pages.

The Akashic Record "This site has been created as a guide to magical, pagan and occult materials on the World Wide Web. . . . This page will give you an organized listing of what is available on the web to those with our interests and we will attempt to keep the links as updated as possible."

Territorial Spirits

"Celebration Ephesus" in Historic Turkish Ruins. 1999. Charisma News Service: Maranatha Christian Journal. Online. (10 January 2000).

Cephas Files: International Coalition of Apostles, "Psychic Warfare", Territorial Spirits" And "Dominion Theology"

Harris, Charles. "Encountering Territorial Spirits"

Hopson, Jay. Confronting the Queen of Heaven: A Missions Trip Report. 1999. End Time Prophetic Vision. Online. (10 January 2000).

Jones, Brad. Celebration Ephesus: A Follow-Up Report. 1999. Atoka, OK: Church Renewal, Inc. Online. (10 January 2000).

Knott, Michael. Spiritual Warfare Series (2): Spiritual Warfare in Relation to Possessing the Land. Cyberpastor.

Lampman, Jane. Targeting Cities with "Spiritual Mapping," Prayer. September 23, 1999. Christian Science Monitor.

Lowe, Chuck. Do Demons Have Zip Codes? Christianity Today July 13, 1998, p. 57.

McMahon, T. A. The New Spiritual Warfare Strategies-Part 1. May, 1997. Bend, OR: The Berean Call.

Millikan, Rob. Celebration Ephesus. Atoka, OK: Church Renewal, Inc., 1999.

Moore, Art. Spiritual Mapping Gains Credibility among Leaders. Christianity Today January 12, 1998.

Piper, John. Angels and Prayer: Daniel's Experience and Ours. January 12, 1992. Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Rogers, Don. Territorial Spirits. April 1999. Strateia.

Territorial Spirits paper from Biblical Integrity Advocate

Trimble, Derrick. Celebration Ephesus: 5,000 Christians Express God's Love for Turkey. Joel News International 294 (19 October 1999) Online. (10 January 2000).

Trinidad, Bill. Spiritual Mapping and Warfare Prayer as Catalysts for Church Growth. The Alliance Page.

Villanueva, Eric. Territorial Spirits and Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical Perspective. 30 June, 1994. Christian Research Institute Journal.

Wagner, C. Peter. Position Statement on the Philosophy of Prayer for World Evangelization. AD2000 United Prayer Track.

What is a Prayer Journey? 1998. Colorado Springs, CO: Christian Information Network, Global Harvest Ministries.

Spiritual Mapping Documents for Mexico and Los Angeles from IDEA Ministries.

Misc. Sites

Demon Possession Handbook Home Page a book on disk

Freedom in Christ Neil Anderson's ministry with resources on line

International Teams listing of books related to spiritual warfare which IT sells

World Prayer Center C. Peter Wagner's coordinating efforts focused on Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare

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