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Christian Apologetics Site (Searchable site with links to apologetic responses to a variety of issues including science, "isms" and religions)

World Council of Churches (Resources, documents, press releases, schedule, etc. of the WCC)

Biblical References to Missions page

Articles, Papers, etc.

Paul's Mission and Letters PBS Frontline site with articles from several scholars of a more mainline tradition on Paul's mission

Catholic Encyclopedia Results of search for articles on mission in the Catholic Encyclopedia. They have an extensive article on Catholic Missions.

Theology of Mission and What is a Missionary? papers from Reconciliation Ministries Network

Articles from Robert Gallagher (missions professor at Wheaton College):

Dissertation Conclusion from his Ph.D. on the Holy Spirit in Protestant Missiological Writings

The Forgotten Factor: The Holy Spirit in Mission in Protestant Missiological Writings 1945-1995 (Acrobat Reader .pdf file) 27 page chapter from the Dissertation

Fingerprints of God: God's Mission to the Philistines in Samuel: The thesis of this paper is that God's mission to the Philistines in the Book of Samuel occurred through international narrative, power encounter, international song and presence mission, and there are indicators that this may have resulted in certain individuals and clans changing their allegiance to the God of Israel. In attempting to support this statement, the following two questions will be examined: what was Israel's missiological interaction with the Philistines? and; how did God use this interaction for his missiological purposes?

The Puritan Theology of Missions Excerpt from "The Missionary Proclamation of the English Puritanism," which will make a chapter of historical case study in Kim, Dae Ryeong's Ph.D. dissertation, "Toward A Missiological Approach to Hermeneutics for Gospel Proclamation in a Post-modern World."

Theology of Missions Position paper from Filled with God ministries

Theology of Missions by Paul Tillich (a more liberal theologian) "Paul Tillich is generally considered one of the century's outstanding and influential thinkers. After teaching theology and philosophy at various German universities, he came to the United States in 1933. For many years he was Professor of Philosophical Theology at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, then University Professor at Harvard University. His books include Systematic Theology; The Courage to Be; Dynamics of Faith; Love, Power and Justice; Morality and Beyond; and Theology of Culture. This article appeared in the Journal Christianity and Crisis, March 4, 1955. Used by permission. This article was prepared for Religion Online by Ted & Winnie Brock."

Missions Outline by Hampton Keathley IV, Th.M. is a 1995 graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary; includes theological/biblical discussion on mission with a downloadable Word version of the online document.

Missions Theology by John V. York from Online Enrichment: A Journal for Pentecostal Ministry.

Signs and Wonders in Missions by Robert W. Houlihan from Online Enrichment: A Journal for Pentecostal Ministry.

Resource Sites

Southern Nazarene University Theology of Mission course materials

Books on Theology of Mission annotated list of books (with links to Amazon.com) on theology of mission

Fuller Theological Abstracts (theses, dissertations, and projects from Fuller School of World Mission on Theology of Mission topics).

International Teams listing of videos and other materials for sale through IT related to theology of mission.

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