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Visiting Researchers Bring Asian Flavor to GMI GMI Connection - Issue 6 : Article 4

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nl6-5.jpgVisiting Researchers Bring Asian Flavor to GMI

In The Future of the Global Church, Patrick Johnstone notes that within a few decades, Asians will comprise a third of all evangelical Christians.


With the growing influence of Asian believers in the global church, it has been GMI's privilege to directly benefit from that influence this Spring with two visiting researchers contributing their time and talent on key GMI projects.


Shin-seon Jeong is on loan from the Operation World office in England for a six-month stint. The WEC missionary and native of Seoul, Korea, has brought a sunny spirit and a willing hand to several projects, especially The Future of the Global Church DVD. While in Colorado, Shin-seon will also be training to use the GMMS mapping system and learning survey research techniques and analysis.


"I have been asking the Lord for help in overcoming my language barrier in speaking English," Shin-seon said. "I expect that the Lord will use this time at GMI to do that, and also to confirm my long-term vision for serving in mission research."

Shin-seon has stayed in multiple American homes to practice English and grow more familiar with U.S. culture. In addition, she has shared a bit of her homeland with her colleagues, cooking Korean kimbab – a seafood-free cousin of sushi – for the staff, and organizing a GMI "familyship" evening.


Shin-seon previously served in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, teaching Korean to university students, and has also worked as a researcher for the Korean World Mission Association.


GMI senior associate Valerie Lim also came to lend a hand for three weeks in April. Having been involved in other GMI projects, Valerie easily settled into the project team developing electronic resources for The Future of the Global Church. What an impact the Singaporean made during her brief time in Colorado! With her expertise in project management, Valerie made everyone around her more effective. She led a three-person team to check and finalize the slides and speaker notes to more than 60 PowerPoint presentations. In addition, Valerie brought clarity and focus to the task of organizing data spreadsheets for Patrick Johnstone's expansive work.


Earlier this year, Valerie worked remotely with Canadian GMI associate Bethany Campbell. Though separated by geography and time zones, they connected to select and format hundreds of slides from Patrick's many PowerPoint presentations.


GMI is grateful to Valerie for her two visits to Colorado this year (she also came for Mike O'Rear's memorial). When asked about her recent visits, Valerie said, "It has been my joy to collaborate with GMI staff and associates for more than 15 years. GMI has a significant ministry to the Christian community around the world. It is my prayer that God will provide another wise President/CEO to lead GMI, and also add younger staff and new associates."


We are glad to have Valerie representing GMI in Southeast Asia. She returned home in early May, just in time to meet Patrick during his Future of the Global Church book tour stop in Singapore.


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