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Connection Point 5 Here you will find the resource being offered in our current GMI Connection newsletter

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What is the Connection Point?

Each GMI Connection newsletter offers a special resource or promotion. The following is yours to make use of and share.

Mapping Links and Resources

Here you will find a list of websites, articles, books, tools and other resources about GIS and mapping that we find helpful or pertinent. 


Start discovering all these amazing mapping resources here. Such resource categories include:

  • websites
  • services
  • software and tools
  • publications
  • organizations
  • and more

We encourage you to share this link with your friends:

What is the GMI Discovery section?

Discover is a section on the GMI website that has links to hundreds of resources. Although a small amount of the resources found here originated with GMI, most are other people's work. In the Discover section, you will find links pertaining to missions, mapping, research, and information technology. Start browsing here.


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