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Mission Aviation

In May, GMI board member Jon Lewis was a featured speaker at the annual conference of the International Association of Missionary Aviation in Nampa, Idaho. His three presentations included:

  • a big-picture perspective on today's mission world (referencing Operation World and The Future of the Global Church)
  • how mission trends are impacting mission aviation
  • potential new models for mission aviation

Slides from all three presentations are available at the IAMA website:


In preparing for the event, Jon said that he relied extensively on GMI's exhaustive 2007 FlightPlan study of the present and future of mission aviation. That project featured interviews and surveys with practitioners as well as an extensive review of secondary sources -- both web and print. A highlight was detailed descriptions of seven models of aviation ministry that are relevant for 21st-Century mission, plus four models for aviation training.


Five years later, nearly all of the material is still relevant. Those interested in mission aviation are encouraged to can read more about the FlightPlan project and download an executive summary of the findings here:


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